Gem purchases not fair

I spent money on buying gems and bought 7 legendary hero’s and I basically got robbed. I ended up with 2 Baltazar’s 1 5 star hero 1 4 star hero the rest were 3 stars. It’s not fair and it’s not worth spending money on gems to end up with 3 star hero’s when you’re expecting 5 star hero’s.
Perhaps you could change the top legendary slot to 400 gems but guarantee that you will get 5 star hero’s. Slot 2 300 gems 4 star hero’s. Slot 3 200 gems 3 star hero’s slot 4 as it is and add a slot 5 for epic troops. I won’t waste gems on the off chance of getting 5 star hero’s and everyone in my alliance feels exactly the same. I’m not the only one to end up getting 2 of the same hero and that’s not fair. There should be a way of making sure that doesn’t happen. Please fix this problem and make lots of people happy and more people will spend money on gems if they know that they are going to get 4 or 5 star hero’s. Thanks.

(Excuse my poor English with some grammar mistakes due to language barrier)Wow. If you pulled 7 times only and got a 5* hero, you are really lucky. If you read other posts here, lots of people spent tons of gems and pulled multiple x10 epic summon and many of them got no 5* heroes, they got lots of 3* and some 4* heores instead.


Your English was great!

But wow this is an old thread. His complaint on 7 pulls is rather funny, isn’t it? He was very lucky but only complained.

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some people only like to complain…

Well, you are awaking the dead by resurecting such an old topic :smiley:

Anyways, you are being too harsh. As there is no official statement on the odds, and the gem price is freaking high, it’s understandable one might feel robbed in his or hers first pulls.


No he was robbed like he said he was

Better than my last pulls. I maxed out a 3 stars, and multiple of the SAME 3 stars to boot . I tried 5 times

This is the kind of thing that will make sure I never spend a cent on this garbage again!!! 4 10 pulls this month and 0 legendary characters to choose from.

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I’ve pulled an 10x epic with all 3* or Rare Heroes.