Gem Purchase Specials


I understand the need to have smaller gem purchases that more people can afford. But what about those of us that would like to spend more. Like $50 or even $100 a month on gems? I have been holding into my iTunes cards for almost 3 months now waiting for a high dollar Gem Special.

I suggest doing both a low and a high dollar special each month so people who fall into each category can purchase what they wish.


Specials are not consistent across all players, they are based on several factors, including your purchase history.

That being said, the 100 dollar gem purchase is already a ‘discount’ of sorts. Certainly not on the level of a lot of the specials, but I believe that the bottom line is that these specials are targeted towards people that haven’t spent money, to get them to start, and people that stopped spending money (like me) to get them to start spending again.


Not sure about that as everyone in our alliance gets the same special each time regardless of spending history.


Direct quote from staff.


I understand the deals target different players differently (based on spending history for one), but I’m with Bob; I’d love to see a strata of offers. Surely more ways to pay is not a bad thing. :confused:


yes I agree with you and put a system of payment by mobile phone (sms +) on the offers has less than 10 dollars (euro)


For me, I use iTunes cards that come in denominations of $10, $15, $25 and up. Since the 9.99 sale doesn’t include tax, I have to get $15 iTunes just to buy the 9.99 one.

I’d love to see deals in the following price ranges:


These deals can include gems, forged items, ascension items, heroes, etc.

I’d love to see 4.99 for a specific hero or a small ascension item. (I don’t think it will ever happen, but I can dream!) :wink:


I hear you. I have to put $115 on iTunes for the $100 deal. But Im willing. I would just like to see larger deals more often. I have money i want to spend!


Oh absolutely! Maybe a drop down list of costs to find deals tailored to us? I’d go cheapie, and you could ask for the more expensive deal(s)?


I think prices are in part mandated by the Apple Store… either that or every single developer seems to have the same price ranges for everything.


Yes that’s true, but I meant an E&P list of deals, by price…a little for me…a big for you. I’m dreaming, I know!

(AFAIK, I used the Apple section prices).