Gem Purchase/Shop Loading Screen Resolved

Well…kind of resolved.

For those of you that’s been having issues purchasing gems on your mobile device, here is a way around it.

If you want to make purchases, you can download an app installer onto your computer (PC or MAC) and then download the app onto the platform.

These are the steps I took.

Step 1 Go to this link and download the installer to your computer …

Step 2 After installing the Bluestacks installer on your computer, open up the installer and let it finalize everything.

Step 3 Go to the app center and download empires and puzzles if it’s not already there inside the app center.

Step 4 Click on the app and let it load

From this point it should ask you to sign into your Google account so it can set it up in the app center just like on your phone and afterwards you can either play the game just like you do on your phone or go straight to purchase gems and then sign out or open your phone up to verify gems are now on your game.


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