Gem prices are doubled for Turkish players on Android - SGG EXPLANATION POST 37 & 100

Well… it’s over a month now. Prices didn’t change it seems. 2 possible options for now - either not so many turkish players went f2p despite all the fuss or they didn’t leave an impact with their f2p-revolt as planned to SG.
Anyway, doesn’t matter what it is, @KLinMayhem got it probably right with this


You are right. I think that is only way to prevent deleting game.

i have a question if you wanted could you go to the store and buy a google play card for 10-25 dollars and use it for the game? I am from US I am not sure if they cost the same in other countrys, I know when I save up some extra money I will get a 15 usa dollar google card and I
will use it for vip or pov I have to pay sales tax where I leave and sorry for the bad grammer

Yes it works
20 working Google cards

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The problem is goggle has fixed exchange rates i mean 1 dollar=3.3tl in that rates. But actual rate is 1 dollar=6.8tl at the moment. SGG simply bypassed that fixed rates for more money by doubled turkish prices. For example a in-game offer has a price tag 1 dollar in US google store, that exact offer has 2 dollar price tag for Turkey google store

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Paying with Turkish accounts using German wages.

The easter offer for today the 18/4 costs 899kr while in US it costs 99.99 Dollars. The excange rate is 6.86 kr pr. dollar, so I (in Denmark) pay 130 US dollars for something the americans can get for 99.99 US, WTF SGG? I am paying 30 US dollars more for the same deal??!! Please do something about this.

Kindest Regards a very unhappy customer

US prices dont include any tax;

Also, each countries pricing is pretty well fixed regardless of the exchange rate…

What is 99 USD is (and has been since I started playing) 159.99 AUD. Similarly the 9.99 USD deals are 14.99 AUD… Regardless of exchange rates.

I’m 99% sure it’s the same with every currency that the price is just what it is.

This is a much wider issue than E&P and can’t be fixed by SGG. Wage and price disparities exist worldwide and will continue to exist as long as there are unique economies for each country. And that is something that will not change anytime in the near future.

Determine what, if anything, your monthly budget can afford to spend and stick to that. And most of all, have fun playing the game.

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Chased the small, lost a lot … another developers mistake. Lol …

thanks for rise prices:)

i can represent turkish people, but ı know there are others, russians, ukranians… We explain before, prices seems the same for each player but, not. we tell you, we bagged you, yelled at you over and over. we struggle for equel opportunity for the other countries. Because we care about the game. we still had words to say, we didn’t give up. we said our minumum wage is 320 dolar and u sell us 10k gems packet from 132 dolar. and then… u riced again. Thank u… Thank you for discouraging us from our meaningless effort! Thank you for showing you will never listen to us! Thanks for showing other players that we will never catch up so we should stop spending money! We finally got rid of drilling holes in our budget. Sincerely thank u Zynga:))

Prices vary from country to country or state to state by reason of the taxes.

The price of real money thing had gotten a bump like 6 months ago.
Today I realized they got another bump which resulted in the First Day Valhalla offer that costs 1.99$ in US costs a whole 18.99 TL in Turkey.
This doesn’t even reflect USD/TL ratio anymore.
1.99$ is like 15.1 Liras.

Until last week, it was 11.99 Liras which already meant way less buying power compared to a North American player.

But as of now, it’s not even “reasonable”.

Vote with your wallet and don’t buy. They’ll adjust when it doesn’t sell.

Actually maybe I should send it directly to the Devs. As a “ticket” or something. How to do that?

Price in US $ doesn’t include taxes, in Turkey it is 18%, isn’t it?

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also, my understanding is the devs don’t control the exchange rate, that comes from Google or Apple

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nope exchange rate wasn’t coming from Google. like Steam, Google Play also using regional price policy which doesn’t reflect the currency rates.

but they don’t force their own rates to developers. they can set the prices for each region if they want. this is what SG did here as you can see from their announcements. unfortunately lots of regions are affected by this, not just Turkey.


They further raised prices. It is now about 2.7 fold of original prices (before March doubling). I was very cheap to play since March. After this I will only buy alliance share gem offer to respect my alliance members and that’s all.
Prices are ridiculous in Turkish local currency. The only reason keeps me playing this game is the time I invested in.

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TIL Google is responsible for regional pricing.

It’s even less fortunate for those living in the poorer parts of the EU. Euro prices are the same everywhere, while Latvia has about 1/3 of the median wage compared to Germany.

One more reason not to spend, I guess.

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