Gem prices are doubled for Turkish players on Android - SGG EXPLANATION POST 37 & 100

This happened to prevent russians and others from spending through turkish accounts… the Russians are complaining more than you guys … its all over YouTube… some thing bothering them and me as well that sg (as they said) is threaten to band them from the game … and that spokes me … if i spent more than 4000$ on this game and you can band me any time thats not good

Let me start by saying that I think this thread is kind of silly since we should really all always be paying the same amount for the same stuff. Finding a way to get the same stuff for less should be considered a stroke of good fortune for those who get to take advantage of it and not a birthright.

However, I’m a little bothered by the basic premise of this post. I don’t believe that I know a single person, regardless of income, that spends no money on luxury items. Most of the poorest people I know use tobacco and/or alcohol. Financially, that’s clearly not very smart, but everyone has wants and vices. It seems to me that if someone’s vice is this game, that’s a lot healthier than many other ways that they can throw away their money.

That being said, I have no substantial spending restrictions, and I don’t spend anything on this game. I consider it a waste of money because I am plenty successful in the game through strategy and patience. However, I can’t see why I’d judge anyone else, rich or poor, for what they spend if this is the luxury expense that they have chosen.

Wait a minute, I just stated my personal opinion about spending money for a mobilegame, if someone has very little of financial income. It was not intended to judge about those people personally in anyway. They may spend their money like they want to, not matter how much they’ve got for the month or what they have chosen as their luxury expense, as you said. I just asked why someone with less than ~400€ spends for things like E&P because I can’t understand. If it is someones luxury expense fine, but I have still the right to have my own opinion about that. However, what I won’t do and don’t have the right to do so, is making regulations to them, what they should spend their own money for. If those people are happy about purchasing part of their monthly budget for gems in E&P and live with that investment the month through, it’s their business. May I say about that purchasing for a mobilegame is not the smartest thing to do for them in my eyes? I do think so. Should they care about my words? As long as they are happy with their lifes, no. Should I change their mind anyway? Nope, unless they want my advise.

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Fair enough. I was simply pointing out that your statement gives the impression that you wholly disapprove of such expenses. This suggests that you are judging them. I understand now that wasn’t your intent. However, at this point, I also don’t understand why you wrote that in your post at all if it wasn’t judgment and also wasn’t intended as advice. :confused:

Stating an opinion, like I said. If you say/write something on a certain topic about what’s on your mind, you don’t have to especially judge about or advice someone else every time.

If I had around 400€ a month, spending my money for a mobilegame would be unreasonable for me no matter the price because I would have other priorities. That are just my 2 cents and they are not intended to be any advice or to judge about habits of other people.
Other people may think different or have there reasons for spending, which I don’t see or value much, like spending it as their an luxury expense. But that’s ok because like I said, it’s their business called life and we’ll live in a free world for the most part. They have their opinion and I have mine. So do what you want with your money.

Why all prices increase %100?
İt’s too expensive. İf prices are high like that, i won’t buy anything.
Help me and decrease prices for Turkey.
I want to buy Valor Pass but i can’t. Because it’s very expensive. I want old prices…

New prices of gems are unacceptable. So far atlantis season was a good chance to inwestment. But now… No way.

Is this perchance a turkish currency?

I guess it is. As I know only Turkish currency got adjustment against to google fixed exchange rates.

@Abuyofollom dude my all clan turned to f2p from p2w/c2p include myself, i recommend you to same.
And @Guvnor i checked he is turkish so he is talking about turkish currency. You can merge topic to older one. Thanks.

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Yes local Turkish prices that i mean.

Cool; well I shifted your complaint.

Unfortunately this isn’t actually a SGG thing from memory. The cost was changed by Google Play;

As I understand it, the app company set the price in one currency. Google Play then adjusts the prices for the various players based on their location data & sets it using their conversion rate (includes/ adjusts for taxes etc...)

Sorry retraced this thread; explanation from the developers here:

Adjusting the price for changes in currency conversion now because it hadn’t be changed in almost 2 years seems reasonable

Well… it’s over a month now. Prices didn’t change it seems. 2 possible options for now - either not so many turkish players went f2p despite all the fuss or they didn’t leave an impact with their f2p-revolt as planned to SG.
Anyway, doesn’t matter what it is, @KLinMayhem got it probably right with this


You are right. I think that is only way to prevent deleting game.

i have a question if you wanted could you go to the store and buy a google play card for 10-25 dollars and use it for the game? I am from US I am not sure if they cost the same in other countrys, I know when I save up some extra money I will get a 15 usa dollar google card and I
will use it for vip or pov I have to pay sales tax where I leave and sorry for the bad grammer

Yes it works
20 working Google cards

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The problem is goggle has fixed exchange rates i mean 1 dollar=3.3tl in that rates. But actual rate is 1 dollar=6.8tl at the moment. SGG simply bypassed that fixed rates for more money by doubled turkish prices. For example a in-game offer has a price tag 1 dollar in US google store, that exact offer has 2 dollar price tag for Turkey google store

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Paying with Turkish accounts using German wages.

The easter offer for today the 18/4 costs 899kr while in US it costs 99.99 Dollars. The excange rate is 6.86 kr pr. dollar, so I (in Denmark) pay 130 US dollars for something the americans can get for 99.99 US, WTF SGG? I am paying 30 US dollars more for the same deal??!! Please do something about this.

Kindest Regards a very unhappy customer

US prices dont include any tax;

Also, each countries pricing is pretty well fixed regardless of the exchange rate…

What is 99 USD is (and has been since I started playing) 159.99 AUD. Similarly the 9.99 USD deals are 14.99 AUD… Regardless of exchange rates.

I’m 99% sure it’s the same with every currency that the price is just what it is.

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