Gem prices are doubled for Turkish players on Android - SGG EXPLANATION POST 37 & 100

Apparently a couple of hours ago i noticed the anniversary offer prices went up on Android.

Earlier, 10K gems could be bought at 349.99 TRY, now it is 699.99 TRY. All offers which includes 10K+ gems were at this price point. 699.99 TRY is extremely expensive for a Turkish citizen, considering it is ⅓ of the min. wage (monthly) which is roughly 2400 TRY (about 400 USD)

and it could be seen from current anniversary offer;
9.99 TRY > 19.99 TRY
107.99 TRY > 199.99 TRY

from this “inconsistent” price adjustment. we can say, this isn’t because of Google’s possible touch on exchange rates. only explanation i can come up with is SG is trying to prevent us Turkish players to stop spending…

I’m also managing a Turkish FB group with about 2K active players, most of them agree to stop buying.

i know game developers were pressuring Google to increase the exchange rate, but i would like to know more about this change, like why did it happen? who is responsible SG or Google?


not a single penny for you guys, ever, promise - you will lose much more than you think to get


Can you give us an explanation about this price change? Why? We want information.

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with the lack of 4* AMs and those prices i can see lots of rage quit and lots of frustration


Pricing was wrong it seems.



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Yes we stop buying unless these prices get lower. For foreign players I can explain just like that. With Minimum wage which 12 million of 44 million people earn in this country, you can buy 35000 gems and it worths only 140 heros which majority of them are Dawa`s and Balthazar :slight_smile:


@KLinMayhem the prices varied according to the economic conditions of each country. (from the very beginning). but unfortunately now I can’t find a logical explanation for what happened.
for example:
Valor Pass Price - Global Currency List 🌍


yea i see your point, but 40% of the people here are trying to live with only 400 USD monthly wage. the earlier prices were just.


Necessities of life take higher priority over virtual items in a game, right?


Minimum wage is less than 400 dolar here


Pretty sure my explanation is logical. I could be wrong though.


yea of course they are. but the digital prices are always adjusted by purchase power of the subjected market, not the exchange rates.


No. I checked the math. You’re correct. 199,99 in Turkish currency equals just under $33 USD, which is almost exactly what we pay for the same offer, after sales tax. of course. lol

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Yes this is not necessity, let us make it 1000 dolar for 10000 gems and only rich play the game, and all your previous efforts and money will be gone. Is it ok? This price change not acceptable

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If you say so. I use the exchange rates to get a good idea of the comparison of prices in the game for different countries. My explanation shows the prices being half of what they are in the United states.

Here’s a screenshot from earlier showing euro prices.

Ummm… that’s the whole purpose of exchange rates. To equalize currencies between different countries. Using the exchange rates is the only proper way to convert these prices.

Very expensive. I’m not buying gem …


@KLinMayhem sorry for misunderstanding. it is not your explanation that does not make sense. what makes no sense is that the price change is unaware and sharp. :sweat_smile:

It makes sense to me. It was a pricing error that was corrected after being discovered.


Corrected in the 3 year :slight_smile: nevermind I will not try to convince you. SG games will see the mistake eventually after they see no money from Turkey :slight_smile: bye


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