Gem Offer - Army Pack

Do you consider it as a good offer in terms of value ? I am pretty inexperienced with that game (been only here 1 month) so not even sure everyone got the same offer…

I dunno the currency conversion of your country. But in mine, the Army Pack roughly costs US$30.00. If you go to the in-game shop, that money will only net you 2, 800 gems only whereas the Army Pack includes 3,000 gems PLUS an epic and 2 rare ascension mats and other goodies. Now it’s up to you whether that is a good offer for your money.

If you are planning on spending just look for the cost per summon. A good deal is under $2 per 1 summon. This is more gems than from the regular merchant and you get ascension item but the rest isn’t that great. It’s up to you and your spending habits. Stick to a budget though as this game can get away from you.

Thank you guys I will have 39 more hours to think about that :slight_smile:

Best option, buy 2nd builder for year if you can and buy the 1.99-3.99 event specials that have summons and gems. You will quickly get enough 3000+ gems for 10x pulls with several single event pulls frequently. Purchasing ascension materials is up to you.

Oh also, doing event pulls purchases fills a free ascension loot chest that after 10x gives you 2 or 3 items… found on lower corner of summon screens…

Thanks ! buying today deal with challenge coins doesn’t seem to be good idea as there are only 3 good 5 stars event heroes. I would rather purchase Valhalla offers and use my gems and coins during that event !

If that $30 dart is going to ascend that flashy new Holy hero then yeah its worth it.

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Multiply that dart by six and yes, yes it will! Provided you also have the necessary Tome, D. Blade, fine gloves, compass, and 8 orbs of magic…

And assuming that you get that hero that you want… 10 summons with overall odds of pulling any 5 star hero from any portal being roughly 3%… well gosh durnit, with 10 summons, that means you have a 30% chance to pull one o’ them fancy heroes!

Probably not the one you were looking for, but beggars can’t be choosers now can they?

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A good or bad offer depends on the costumer: For someone who swims on ascension mats it will be worthless, for someone who doesn´t want to spend a lot it will be too expensive.

All the trash who are attached to the gem offer is a bonus. But rarely fits what someone really needs, in order to force people to keep spending.

I personally wouldn´t spend for summoning.

In Spain it costs 32 €. Way higher than $ offer.

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