Gem offer $1.99 disappeared


A special offer appeared this morning and it had a quantity offer of 5. I used one but now cannot access the other 4. Where do I access this? It isn’t in the store.


Usually we all get the same offers. I got one today as well - but only has 1 in stock.

Any chance you may have assumed it were 5 (because it was similar to the offers we usually have during events, when you can indeed buy 5)?


This offer?:

It is only 1, not five, alas!


Thank you. Wishful thinking I guess


It’s December soon. Maybe there will be more goodies to come! :wink:


Marking this as solved, thank you Rook for providing the screenshot and solution! :slight_smile:

(Just a friendly reminder, also topic starter can mark issues as solved - just tap the three dots and then the checkmark on the message that provided a resolution!)