Gem mining

I realize that SG makes money from selling gems and they are not going to do anything to jeopardize their cash cow, but I’d really like to see an option to convert a regular mine to a gem mine. The output doesn’t need to be tremendous, but anything would help the f2p and c2p players, as well as everyone else. Something similar to the VIP bonus gems, etc.

For clarification… do you mean “gem” mine? The in-game gems you can use to purchase items from the shop with?

As opposed to the “diamond” you see on a tile board?

Yes, my apologies. I do indeed mean gems. I edited my original post.

Great idea! But we all know SGG will not implement it… sigh

I know, it’s unlikely. They don’t want to cut their own throats profitability wise, but it wouldn’t have to be a mine producing hundreds of gems a day. Even 50 would be a great start. That would give a f2p or c2p player a free summons with a chance at a 5* about every 6 days. I don’t think that is going to be a huge financial impact. Not really much different than TC20. People will still spend on special event heros, chances for past HOTM, etc.

I suspect that if they give us more chances of getting gems, they will reduce the chance of getting good heroes.

Chances are pretty slim already unless you are p2p it seems.

Even if they should implement such a feature (do we yet know what the “advanced mine” will do?), they will definitely not give away more gems than VIP players get (30/day).

As a C2P player with very few good 5* heroes, I wholeheartedly support any idea that increases the slow income of gems, but I think we have to stay realistic. Also, consider how few gems the quests Find Gems I and II give us.

I think that generally advanced players should have more/better ways to accumulate gems or summon tokens in order to compensate for the decreasing value of them (the more heroes you already have, the smaller the chance to draw a useful one - a beginner is happy with a good 3* and delighted with any 4*/5* whereas advanced players already have most 4* and quite some 5*. Yes, for some heroes two or three copies can be useful, but not for all)

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