Gem lock to stop accidental gem spending

It is so easy to go on a clicking spree and before you know it you’ve spent gems you didn’t intend to spend. Therefore I suggest that we be able to lock our gems so they can’t be spent be accidentally. You would then have to unlock your gems in order to spend them.

Lol, it’s like a checking and savings account for gems. :smile:


It would be great to have an option that allows us to lock our gems. I’ve accidentally spent gems, when not paying attention . Having youngster playing with your phone ot tablet also runs that risk. Locking gems would be great especially when your trying to save up.

Might wanna put this under “ideas and requests”.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

And FWIW, I once accidentally spent 600 gems rushing a TC while sleepy and tapping accidentally.

I also once spent a few gems buying like 10k Food to eat a feeder hero because I was feeding a bunch and in my hurry didn’t notice the difference in the notification about being out of Food, as opposed to eating a 3*, and clicked on the button too quickly.


I’ve accidentally hurried a passal of TC11 heroes…oh the pain. it was like 800 gems or so.


Voted! I dont think it happened to me yet… but with the kids always around would be a nice feature!


My kids spend gems on nuthing. Please add lock!!! It’s leadings to family discord. Help a guy out. K?

For me, it was trying to find out information on the Raid Shield, but tapping the wrong place.

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