Gem cost to reset talents

Death team United

One our alliance members has been trying for two days to get the gems, so he could reset the talents on one of his heros. For those two days the game was telling him 35 gems. Today he gets the last of what he needed and goes to do a reset and it tells him 36 gems are needed. He would have put a ticket in, but for some reason, the forum would not except his email.

We want to know if this was a glitch, or is there a reason for the cost change.

Please do not publish account number here, his account can be in danger if you do that. The forum is mainly a peer-to-peer support group run by fellow players like you. If your alliance member needs to sumbit a support ticket he/she has to do it from inside the game. Tell himnto go to settings and find support. Let us know if he needs any help. :slight_smile:


Thats how I got here



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@JANA Please use this link to learn more about it.

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You did not need to yell, some of us are still figuring things out

Thank you for your assistance

Definitely needed the caps to get the point across.

Tell your friend he needs to open a support case.

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