Gem buying error

I bought Gems on my account and I’ve even had the Google Play charge confirmation yet I have not received any gems.
Has anyone else had this issue? Also how to resolve it?

From the FAQ (Billing & Purchases):

Greetings. On November 14 I bought gems ($19.99) I used the gems to purchase the drink pack… 5 of each drink… raid, world, alliance… I had 3 alliance flasks already, should have had 8… I only ended up with 5…
P.s. I have used a flask since purchase.
Please look into this and fix it. I bought the gems just for the alliance flasks.
Thank you

I couldn’t find your exact issue on the FAQ, so please contact Game Support:

If you’d like to look over the FAQ anyway, here is a quick link (you can find it in game by clicking Menu > Options > Support and FAQ button center top):

Hello. Gem purchase is not active for Iran. Please enable this field. Thank

@black2 Apple and Google handle the transactions towards the game. They decide available payment methods and countries.

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