Gem balancing to prevent winning

I’m not really looking for an answer. But when the majority of boards are always stacked against you, this game truly sucks. If i switch back to rainbow teams, will you suddenly introduce a 6th color?

Think Im done with this waste of time…



They’re not stacked against you. They’re random. And it took me 9-10 months to get reasonably competent at turning bad boards into good board and weathering the early turns.

Now I’m 15 months in and I’ve won 22 straight battles in war and sit permanently in high diamond running mono teams - and if you want to see “bad boards”, run mono for 6 months as I have! Heh.

Sometimes really bad boards and poor RNG kills you. Absolutely true and nothing you can do - but bad starting boards CAN be turned and you’ll get better at it over time - probably faster than me, to be honest.


In my experience the boards cannot be random. I’m basing this off the very high percentage of boards that start exactly the opposite of the colors you need. If I randomly choose a set of colors to fight with, lets say 100 different combinations, the board will start off with you being at a disadvantage 95 times - meaning you do not have any combinations of the color\s you need for the first 3 or 4 turns. Its a crappy ‘algorithm’ to make it more difficult, thats it. If this was truly random, it would be obvious to me. In essence, my complaint is, this is hardly entertaining. I may as well play slots.

Exactly. You are playing slots. Same concept.

That’s actually not accurate. I collected data on several hundred boards to test that theory, and the distribution of starting tiles is essentially exactly what you’d expect for pure random:

If you want to see the raw data and the analysis, here it is:


Does your analysis look at how the gems are laid out over 500 games with mono color teams where the same color team is not used consecutively? If it did, you would see the gems do stick to being opposite the color chosen to play with at a much higher percentage. I may be incorrect, but most of us do not have multiple teams, fully leveled, of the same color, where this analysis would line up with. I will go through the analysis you provided later, but I have a feeling the test cases used in this analysis are far too simple compared to the nuance I am bringing up in this post.

With slots, there is no pressure to “perform” since it is you vs the machine. You already know the odds are stacked against you, but there is no algorithm to make the odds even worse.

Please see the linked thread above, or any of the many others on this topic.

The developers have explicitly said that the boards are random and don’t react to the team you select, and this is a duplicate thread, so it will be closed.

There is no fixed color choice here. I simply brought whichever color was strong against the tank, and measured how many tiles of my strong color there were (and every other color too, which is in the data I linked you to). That’s the graph you can see: the number of strong tiles, whatever color it may have been.

And you can see the distribution of those strong tiles isn’t biased low. It’s random, so it doesn’t match the theoretical distribution exactly. But the closeness of the match is very good for this number of tiles seen.


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