📕 Gelert – 5* Nature / Green from Untold Tales

you dont want him to take advantage of the reduced mana?!
his special being weaker with just reduction whats the point in this?
he reduces mana of opponent plus makes himself faster with that stolen mana

guess hes another one of the heroes people dont understand how to use him & take advantage of his nice skills (just gots to look at this thread to take notice of this) - no his damage is not his priority skill and taking out an already damaged opponent is just an nice extra hes capable of doing

play him + heal (toxi may be a strong match) as support of your fast damage stack in other colour & make the other colour damage 6 tiles very fast (right setup second 3 match is enough to get them ready with that mana boost) with the help of this hero - thats how he should be used and where he shines

but i know people love those easy skills like octros - do damage x and thats it - easy understanding :sweat_smile:

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Mana reduction cuts a fixed amount
Mana steal reduces in proportion to the mana of the target
If in the scenario of the enemy having 20% mana. A 20% Mana reduction cuts all the mana, leaving it 0%. Then he can snipe with max damage

But mana steal steals 20% of that 20% mana which is 4%. Leaving 16% on the target
And that’s just the first half of the calcs. It depends on the mana speed of the target. The slower the target, the more mana stolen. the faster the target, not as much.

What this hero does and designed is like this, is that it first reduces the mana, after cutting the mana it deals the damage. The lesser the mana the more damage. But mana steal doesn’t work like how reduction does. So it’s not going to reduce as much mana, and it’s not going to recover as much mana at the same time. Maybe with mana troops idk. He needs the right troop setup

Also I get what they’re doing with him. He has the versatility to be a fast mana genner or a hard hitter. But I just find it all half baked. If he has a properly direction on what he does, which is a standard priority mana cut and then followed by his snipe, he would have been more solid as a hitter.


he makes your other heroes faster + buys you one turn of time + has the potential of taking 1 opponent out

to me this sounds like what i need for support of my damage 3 stack


Not quite. A key distinction when compared to Roughian & Nurgib is that Gelert does not actually share the mana he steals, and keeps it all for himself.

Edit: Please disregard this. It has been pointed out that I completely overlooked his mana gen bonus in my focus on his mana steal.

Gelert also give all allies mana gen

And completely overlooked that part of his special. Whoops.

So this can be disregarded

After I used up my tonics yesterday :man_facepalming:t2:

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Gelert :trident: will keep charging at “FAST Speed” due to the +25% & +30% mana generation in both their charges….


Oh no :man_facepalming:

Already faced him:

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I almost feel bad for having this guy. Finished him the other day, and under the right conditions, he can easily damn near OHKO a level 85 opponent.

He essentially becomes very fast after the first use of his special. If he gets nerfed lmao I wont be surprised, but between him, Sha Wuling, 9 Headed Beast, and some of the carnival characters, he fits into the OP category

Never ever should he be nerfed - hes a nice sniper but for sure no nerf candidate based on his skill

But with sg you never know - they even nerfed poor matilda into oblivion

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For first time I agree with you.

ohh maybe a nerf then might be indeed needed … not sure anymore