Gefjon Removes Not Steals Minions?

Gefjon doesn’t steal the minion for herself, she simply removes the minion before hitting? Is this a bug?

She steals it unless there is an ailment preventing her from keeping the minion (such as given by Bera).

I used her against Telluria so there wasn’t any such ailment. Perhaps because Tell resists minion removal, his minion was not transferred to Gefjon but it was removed though…strange.

Probably just killed the minion

I can confirm, Gefjon is unable to steal minions from Telluria, because of her immunity to minions removal.

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Yea I guess she must’ve failed to steal the minion first, followed immediately by her hit on Tell thereby killing the minion instead. But if she hit an ally with Tell’s minion instead, would she steal that minion? Since the ally doesn’t resist minion removal. Guess I’ll just try that next time…

Gefjon should be able to steal any minion and the effects of that minion, so if you want to steal one (or more, depending on how many minions a hero has), hit Seshat or Bera first.

Correct, Gefjon cannot steal Telluria’s minion due to her Inate Ability.

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Can someone please tell me where it says that Telluria has innate minion-stealing resistance? I’m looking at her (him?) right now and it doesn’t say anything about that, yet I just had it happen to me. I chose to fight a team in war that had Telluria as their center. I figured I’d try out my new Gefjon hero who is almost level 80. Lo-and-behold she was useless against Telluria. Now I see you guys are saying that Gefjon can NOT steal Telluria’s minions, but it doesn’t say that on Telly’s card anywhere. What gives?

When I attack Telluria with Grimble, all her minions are immune.


Someone has missed his morning coffee.

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