📯 Gefjon – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

So maybe this needs to be in a new thread but I’ll start it here and tag @guvnor
Does seshat Keep the emblems for defence or does Gefjon take them? Keep in mind I have Freya for a purple defender as well…

I say Seshat is better for defense. That dispel can be really annoying and replicator minions are renewing health.

Gefjon better for offense though.

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With minions present she’s the best sniper in the game by a mile. With no minions, she hits on par with Lianna (the strongest single hitter) and in red which has been lacking a good sniper for agesss.

Either way you slice it, she’s great.

I agree she’s very good and would love to have her, but don’t agree about being one of the best snipers in the game. I prefer a sniper that adds a bit more then stealing a potential minion, I’d value heroes like Kingston, seshat, alice and cjoon types over her, I guess I have other ways to deal with minions if need be (we all play a bit different). Best red sniper, absolutely, but that will even be debatable with marj costume I think. Anyway, just opinions, fact is she steals a minion and hits hard, value it as you will.

I was able to pull her today, along with a couple lady Loki’s and a Bera. I have Marjana waiting at 3/60 but I’m thinking I’d rather have Gefjon as the next red. Marjana got passed by Tyr recently too, so now she’s stewing.


Congrats to everyone who got her! I’m super jealous. I did a ten pull and only got 3s. Did get kvasir tho who I was missing so I guess that’s a plus. Been playing 6+ months and have yet to pull a 5 (have been lucky with tc20 tho)

I thought she’s more of a counter towards QoH more than anything

How it is with this odds? featured hero has only 0,3%.
Don’t you think it’s better to wait with pulling to the next month to get her ?

Would she have the stats to handle a minion with taunt? She would take all the hits then, yes?

Her defense is high…ideally I think you dump tile after tile into QoH and get her full of taunt minions then have Gefjon take them all as a solid meat shield

It’s 0.3% to pull specifically Gefjon this month, and 1.3% to pull any other S3 legendary. The 1.3% odds are split between all of the rest of them. So for example if there are currently 13 other legendaries, each would have a 0.1% chance.

Next month the new legendary would be at 0.3%, and assuming the above for 13 (haven’t counted) the 1.3% chance would now be split 14 ways, and you would have ~0.093% chance to pull Gefjon which is less than 1/3 what it is this month. If you specifically want Gefjon now (unless future changes are implemented - I’d expect eventually a new featured hero system similar to S2) this is the month to pull.


Thank you FighterJack for telling me this. I wanted to wait…
Tomorrow i’ll test my luck.
Good luck to you!

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Quite versatile if you asked me. Her Def is decent but not the highest, needs some more support to make it viable

I wonder how the nospend crowd have been getting on this weekend :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I still think it would be better to spend on C. Marjana :slight_smile:

One of strongest points being, you might pull one Gefjon, but you will have 3 . C. Marjanas with one pull :slight_smile:

They are both very strong in their own right, although Gefjon just a pinch more niche


Yes, agree. But only one question - is MarjanaCB + C.Marjana as powerful as Gefjon and regular Marjana without costume? If so, C.Marjana is clearly better.

My opinion :
a) If there arent minions in tank position C. Marjana> Gefjon >>> Marjana
b) if there are minions in or more Gefjon > C. Marjana >>> Marjana
c) Titans C.Marjana >> Gefjon >>> Marjana
d) Tournaments C.Marjana >> Gefjon >>> Marjana
e) minion wars Gefjon > C. Marjana >>> Marjana
f) raid defense C. Marjana > Gefjon = Marjana with CB // attacker doesnt bring minions + 5% mana regen costume bonus

Marjana with costume bonus overall is behind since her burn dmg is over 6 turns and is too slow to do real harm.

Between Gefjon and C.Marjana, score is pretty even with small advantages across to C. Marjana.

And there is a bonus of having multiple C.Marjanas with TC 20, and they stack together perfectly.

C. Marjana 3 deff down splash dmg, next C Marjana will blow their heads off 3…

2 Gefjons dont really have synergy since first already steals minions. But they can be effective in heavy minion team… but there also grimble skadi and noor shines even captain of diamonds…


Do not think so. I think it is better to have exactly one C.Marjana, and other in same team should be Marjana+CB. If C.Marjana + MarjanaCB can kill non-central C.Marjana target via 2 strikes, there is no need for Gefjon, because you can use just one pull to cover them all.
If no, then whales should chase Gefjon, and C2P should summon more for C.Marjana.

With snipe, you dont use the full extent of splash dmg which also has red def down… Alot of dmg is hidden there…

Situational and depends if you are in immediate danger next turn with enemy tank special (ONLY reason),… might be, tank already went off once and flanks are ready to cast… Another reason could be if enemy has Krampus as tank (taunt), but then you probably wont bring red to enemy blue tank.

I would much rather just go 3 splash dmg reds and use remaining two heroes in diff colours for heal/support. You will kill all anyway if you get fast specials rdy.

for example : C. Marjana, C. Marjana, C. Kestrel (or Gravemaker, Reuben, Zimkitha), Lady Woolerton, C. Rigard

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3-1-1? Good.
But I will take something like C.Marjana+MarjanaCB+JF+BT+C.Rigard (or Rafaelle).

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