📯 Gefjon – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Wasn’t expecting to get her as I didn’t throw a lot at the portal (9 to get the bonus ascension)

The irony that I used my 6 rings on Khagan earlier this week is not lost on me :joy:

But Khagan has a very specific use so he will repay them.

Just 5 more rings to go for Gefjon!


40 pulls no 5*

I sad face




Damn ninjas…

Though from a narrative perspective you’d expect them to be stealthy and hard to catch…

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Does Tel’s innate abilility prevent minion stealing?

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Yes. I just tried it. “Resist” appeared over Telluria and Gefjon didn’t get the minion.


Just tried a 10 pull to get Gefjon but wasn’t successful. However quite pleased I got my first Heimdall…

Edit - then just got Gefjon without really trying and with a single coin pull in the new Valhalla event …


Thnx gor info tho

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Well, 3 coin pulls from completing S3 hard levels and here she is…

…and that’s how far I’ve got with my version of power levelling.
Her or J-F for the rings? Only other red 5* is already maxed Khagan


Definitely Gefjon over JF. Congrats on the pull!

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In my honest opinion I would focus on Gefjon first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Got her! I’ve been hording coins in anticipation for her and they paid off.


How does Gefjon interact with Bera? If Bera’s minion first hits Gefjon and gives her “the target can’t receive new Minions for 3 turns”, then will Gefjon remove the target’s minion? Gefjon can’t gain the minion so is it just destroyed?

“Steals minions” is a loaded phrase just like how Lady Loki’s “reallocates” is a loaded action word. Many people assumed that Lady Loki directly transfer the status ailments but if you see how Lady Loki works when she is blind, then you will see that’s not the case. She’s essentially still blind when transferring. So then how does this minion steal work?


Also if she steals minions from Seshat, will they replicate for her or not?

Its been confirmed above by @StephenNap89

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I’m at 47 and nothing…aggravating. Well, time to save for another 6 months for nothing then too.


I feel the pain. I budgeted for 200 summons knowing I might not get her. Yes it’s a lot but I like Valhalla the best and this year was to build a roster. She popped out back to back on the last 10. A few gems left for Halloween but won’t be summoning like that for ages.


Whats your experience so far vs telluria? Other players have mentioned she still resists the minion steal.

She is a lot of fun to use against Telluria. Yes, Telluria resists the minion steal, but you can still steal from her allies. High tile damage, hard hitting special. A couple raids ago I manged to steal 3 minions from Seshat. That was fun.


stealing from seshat is the best. how many times has that ■■■■■ been in the corner and you can’t kill her!!

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