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Yes, though which item you get is random, it’ll take a week per Transmutation, and obviously you’ll need to do a lot of building upgrades before you can unlock Level 9.

The challenge with that is that many players have a reasonable supply of 3* unfarmable Ascension Materials by the time they’ll get to that point, and won’t be super excited by paying for a random 3* Ascension Material, but YMMV.


I likely will not be spending gems on Alchemy Lab.

I’ll just stick to the disappointment of 10 pulls and single pulls. And maybe a rare 30 pull.


150 gems for the really important thing in the Alchemy Lab…No thanks.
More money…more money…If it was like 50 gems or less maybe, otherwise no.

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you can see that:
13 voted for “which levels” (40-50% for gems levels) - so like 6-7
64% of 70 (43) voted for “NO” in gems

meaning aprox a max of 43 are most likely to dont do AL in the near future (me included).

but… here you go: added up

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I suppose I may build it when I have nothing else to do just to get the shards. But since I’d need 10,000 shards to do anything with them this is like a 10-year plan.


It’s the gem cost that’s constricting. 150 gems for a chance at a 3* unfarmable ascension item and you may or may not get the one you want. It’s the same gamble as the summon portal. This game was built on the same process. They are sticking with a process that has proven effective for them. I don’t like it. I may build the alchemy lab but I won’t use it unless changes are made

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If it stays like this I will only be using it up to Lvl 5 for the shards and then be happy about the extra item every few months. Who knows, maybe we’ll see other (free) sources for shards in the future. If no, well then I guess it’s a free item every 208,33 days :laughing:


20 characters of no.


I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but as a F2P, I could potentially see myself using this at level 9, if I resign myself to not spending any gems on hero summons. My main source of heroes would then be two TC20s, giving me a roll at a 4* or 5* once a day. I’d supplement that with both types of coins and EHTs.

To run it non-stop, I’d need to farm 150 gems per week, and then farm an extra 52 3* AMs per AR (52, not 48, to make up for the five week months). In exchange, I would add a guaranteed unfarmable AM to my inventory every week, and a bonus 4* AM twice a year from shards. It’s not game-changing, but that’s providing AMs for a 4* per month, and a 5* per year, on top of everything else that is already in place.

Compare that to spending the gems on summons - 150 gems / week * 52 weeks / year = 7800 gems per year. That’s 3 10 pulls at either non-Atlantis hero portal. So I could look at it as trading more chances at seasonal and event heroes for a more ascended, but more vanilla roster.

This isn’t even remotely a trade-off for you. As a f2p player, you need every summon pull you can get. That makes your team stronger. 2 random 4 star AM is absolute peanuts compared to pulling a challenge event 5 star. Those heros are permanently team-changing additions.


Just look how they stingy with daily gem, If they keep insist on current spending gem+existing mat for new random mat

NO, I won’t even bother click on it!

I’m sick of F2P (spending) friendly scheme.

Very disappointed with how this building has turned out. I will only waste iron on this building if every other item is maxed, my stockpiles of battle items that require iron are aggressively high, AND they make some changes to its current implementation.

The gem fee is stupid, but expected so I don’t even really care about that. They should have implemented a X# of 3* item into guaranteed 4* mat. That’s the only thing 99% of commited daily players needed.

I generally think SGG is doing a pretty fantastic job. The raid tourney loot thing was a miss, but besides that I didn’t have any complaints… Till this monstrosity and the announcement of the costumes. yuck


If my maths is right, running levels 1-5 non-stop is approx. 30 weeks to get enough shards for an item. Probably what I’ll do eventually, but in no hurry and other things (finishing my lodge etc.) will have priority. By the time I get round to it, the hero academy will probably be out and might be
more tempting

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Just curious, but how do you farm 150 gems/ week as f2p?

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I’m not likely to spend any resources on alchemy lab. It’s last priority, even behind advanced mine and advanced farm.

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I’m not sure, but it sounds like you get multiple ascension materials from lvl 9. But that would probably be too good to be true.

The gem price is too high, but on the other hand it shouldn’t become too easy to get your 4* items, that would be unfair to the players that have played since the start when stuff was even more scarce (not me).
Also in the shop a 4* material is valued at like 5 euro’s, so it’s only natural they don’t give them away. Still the gem price is a bit too high for a random outcome.

You should have an option to “will you ever build the Alchemy lab” when they add TRADING to it, I would choose.

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You do not, just one at a time.

That’s a good question. It seemed like a reasonable estimate to me, because I used what gems I could at Guardians four weeks ago, and now I’m sitting at almost 700. Looking at my past 24 hours, I’ve collected:

Monsters Chest: 2
Mystic Vision: 3
Heroes Chest: 5
War Chest: 5
Kill 75 Titan Mission: 5
Titan: 3
Monsters Chest: 5
Mystic Vision: 2
Mystic Vision: 2
Gems Quest: 10

Total: 42

The quests, missions, and war chest aren’t daily, but the quests and war chest are recurring. If I subtract the mission, I’m at 37, and then if I take 10% (1.5 of 15) of the recurring gems, I’m at 23.5 in a day. Multiply by seven, and that’s 165. There are other things like a titan chest per week, an elemental chest per month (being conservative on these) that add to it, and the Gems II quest gives even more gems (18, I think).

I know it’s a small sample size, but it seems to be working based on where I am in a month’s time. This is being done without being too aggressive. For example, I could spend four gems a day to skip chest timers to ensure I fill both twice per day. So it seems like I could commit to funding a non-stop Alchemy Lab at level 9.

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