Geese frequency increased?

Okay so this is totally random and insignificant, but has anyone else noticed geese coming at a much faster rate than usual? I just counted nine flocks fly by in the last seven minutes, several times two flocks were on the screen at the same time. Am I crazy?

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Normally what I know it was geese/ducks appear every 2 minutes.

So I’m not crazy! They are coming way faster. I just counted over roughly a 5 minute period, 10 flocks. On average they were coming 23.02 seconds apart, with 6.95 seconds being the shortest between flocks, and 46.59 the longest.

I wonder if it’s intentional to make the hunting ducks task easier, or what the reason is.

OK, I’ll start test with my alarm.

EDIT: Okay,… during this xmas seasonal… duration is no gap in between after disapear.
Although the color is bit annoying… I can not see the ducks…

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