Geese and dragon rewards

Have you considered giving a small reward to players who kill all geese or a bigger reward to those who kill the occasional dragon that fly across the top of the screen? Might keep players on your website longer… just a suggestion.

You can kill them?! :o

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Yes you can! Buckle up and start shooting…

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Even an achievement would be cool. I killed some geese but I couldn’t take down the dragon no matter how many times I clicked on it.

If you see the dragon early enough, it is not hard to take down…

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I haven’t counted how many times you have to click on the dragon, but it could be around 40 times.

Knew about the geese. Tried the dragon a little. Have to try again.

Rewards would be small if you got it every time. Bigger if it was say once a month. Long enough to make you forget about it.

I heard if you kill the dragon the side across the bridge opens up

I think you should earn a small amount of food per goose and iron for killing the dragon.

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