Gedfdnd? as per rfgf osteffand novip :)

for titans you need defense debuff heroes…
for raids you need offensive heroes…

thats the difference between p2p/c2p and f2p :slight_smile:

more likely

difference between p2p/c2p and f2p

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anyways, back on topic pls :smiley:

here is one :slight_smile:

Avalon pull Dec 2018


Merlin is one of the finest 4*. Perhaps my favorite hero in the game. Don’t be dazzled by all those stars—sometimes the best heroes only wear 4 of them.


yeah… I really like that word :wink::wink:

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Thank you for being so kind:) felt better already!
Until my friend pulled an Authur without even trying and plus an evelyn! So I tried again, another 10 pull. And bumped! Another Merlin lol

But haha, he doesn’t have a Merlin. And I have two! That’s what I told myself.


Today I got only 3* :man_shrugging:


Haha, somehow you made my day! You’ve got 3!!! Yay!!!


Odds of getting the current HotM are the same in any summon.

If the original poster does not have the gems for the 10-pull during Avalon, or Atlantis this month, then those odds apply to getting a future month’s HotM.

That was my point. And I think Evelyn is probably going to be one of the most wanted HotM. (Although most all of them are good and wanted, but some more than others.)

I dont’t want to whin…but, but, but, my friend, who pulled an Authur and Evelyn earlier without trying, and thenlater in the day, he pulled another Authur, and then a Guinevere, effortlessly…I had to sleep with it…I might just dump my account and play his instead:(

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Guess i’ll try 4-5 pulls on avalon in the last minutes… And rest of my gems and coins on atlantis in the first few minutes :wink:

Hope it’s worth it :smile:

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And spent my gems…



Then you already seem to have enough 4* heroes.

2 4* out of 7 pulls is above average for TC20!

2 10x last ten mins of event

Buddy did a 10x last 10min got Lianna and 3 Evelyn’s in same 10x

Shout out DHiT

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That’s a pretty average looking 10-pull. Most of mine look pretty similar. I too completely blanked on the Avalon 5* heroes this go-round. /sigh

Last hour and tried for a 10x summon from Avalon:

6x 3*

Still can’t get Guin or Arthur :sweat_smile:


Omg I really want Morgan , but budget say I must wait till next Avalon event , lol

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It’s all a roll of the dice


if You buy extra hero spots, do you still get the extra free ones every few levels?

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