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Some additions:


  • One Continue on final stage of a rare quest or challenge event IF you were close to winning. Cheap rare mat.


  • Ascension Pack in the Shop. Maybe if you’re desperate, but look at the odds first.

I realize we’re straying off topic again, but…
Do you mean Team Slots or Hero Cap Increase? Because the Hero Cap Increase is hugely useful in providing for ham-efficient levelling of a team. If you’re F2P, it might not be a smart to use your few gems on this. But for everyone else, $5 for an extra 25 spaces is hugely useful.

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team slot is at bad. = + 1 team slot (apart from default 5 teams)

hero slot is good = + 5 max capacity where you can store your heroes for lvlups

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I really like having at least 7 team slots. I have an 8th too to use for rare titans but could live without that one.

I don’t think the slight chance of getting MN is worth pulling for her when the other seasonal heroes don’t tempt you. If you’ve got the itch go ahead and make one pull. Remember that if you complete the legendary avalon stage you’ll get a free epic hero token.

The atlantis summon can give you lots of heroes you don’t have, good heroes, along with two old heroes of the month. What it’ll cost you is more gems and of course the chances of a good 5* is slim.

The avalon event also has great heroes. I have merlin and he’s been great (though when i stun the titan his special can’t make it attack itself, so for them i actually prefer hansel). Merlin is good for general offense and defense—and events. If you get any of these heroes you’ll be getting someone worth pulling for. It doesn’t give you as many chances for new heroes as atlantis does, but it also doesn’t cost as many gems.

You also have to consider if you want evelyn more than the january hotm, since the seasonal event pulls won’t end until early january. If you really like the sound of the january hotm you may want to pull for MN in january.

Sorry I couldn’t really give you advise, but I’m hoping this will help you decide with no regrets. Good luck!


Ty mate! Nice analysis! :wink:

Best odds of getting a really good hero that you won’t later get out of TC20 for free is event or Atlantis. (Seasonal pulls are just too low odds for you)

Atlantis is a bit more expensive, and gives you better odds of getting heroes otherwise difficult to get as a cheap/free player.

But an Atlantis 10-pull is 3000, an event 10-pull is 2600.

I’m guessing that you won’t save up 2600 in the week remaining during Avalon. And I’m skeptical that you will save up 3000 by the December Atlantis pull either. (Unless you buy a few of the $0.99 deals to push yourself over the top or buy VIP, which is a better deal in my opinion)

Avalon would be a good event for you to try for; both 4* heroes would help you; Merlin is great, and while Lance isn’t a favorite hero of mine, he would fit your roster nicely.

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Oh, Evelyn is a singular hero and an excellent one. (I doubt there will be another green specific defense debuffer in the game ever) Very much worth getting, she will be huge against blue titans and a raiding demon stacked with other good green heroes.

I didn’t mention her because a single 10-pull just doesn’t have very good odds of getting a HotM, so in my mind, you shouldn’t make your plans based on it.


Not based on it no, but included in the reasons sure. The chance of getting any hero he’s looking for is very slim even with a ten-pull so he has to consider all possibilities.

More to the point, the odds of getting Evelyn are the same for any of the pulls we’re talking about.


I followed this thread for a hot minute. I was in the same predicament.

What summons do I do?

I pulled the trigger today and did the seasonal.
I got 10x 3* and 2x Evelyn.

Strange results based on percentage, but I am happy with it.

Good luck on your future pulls.


that really hurts if we 10x pulls that we get 3* all heroes. it really hurts :disappointed::disappointed:

Ten 3* and two 5* sounds like a good return on gems to me. Especially when it’s Evelyn, who hpgets my vote as best HotM of 2018.

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It should happen about every 7 times in 10,000 attempts. If you figure there are probably at least 500,000 10-pulls on seasonal, you’d expect over 350 people to get what you got. Definitely rare, and pretty awesome.

yes if we are lucky to get hotm but if it doesn’t it really hurts. that’s why I never 10x pulls, but I’m also curious about my luck if 10x pulls :grin::grin:
I have a plan to try it in Atlantis :thinking::thinking:

Definitely 10x or 30x pulls for Atlantis.

The AM chest is still great.

The odd thing was I got a mystic ring from mystic vision yesterday after days of negligible gems and crap materials.

AMs are way more important than heroes.

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I think the psychology term is intermittent reinforcement. If they drop in something awesome every now and then, you’ll keep playing those videos on the off chance that it’ll happen again.

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I disagree…
Feel free to use your scopes on Thorne… I wont…
Or tabards on Quintus…

I’ll lvl them only if I wont have 4* to work on… And then I 'll still have second thoughts to use capes/tabards on them… :confused:

With the exception of war, you dont need tons of heroes to raid or even on titans.
A couple of 4* and 5* would still do fine.

I have over 30 5* heroes but only 10 of are ascended to the max. I have to gather AMs again for those.

If you ask me, for 5* if you have 2x decent heroes for each color is already sufficient.

Quintus is good if you know how to use him. Thorne is an exception. Bad hero that he has no special skill nor high damage. He needs to be flanked by 2 very good heroes and preferably red. He is still viable if you really have no other choice (maybe F2P). He is a pure old school tank with heavy D and nothing else. I have recently played against someone with a Thorne tank recently and flanked by 2 GMs. Took me 3 tries to win.

Conclusion: new players need more heroes; veteran players need more AMs


Did a 10x pull, got an Obakan(my fourth on the bench) and a Merlin…where are the good ones…

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