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My personal choice is Avalon.


Saving also for a 10x pull on Avalon tomorrow. Some great heroes there!

As sweet as Mother North is, your chances of getting her with a 10-pull are really bad. And if you’d be unhappy with Santa or Buddy, then definitely stay away from the seasonal summon.

The problem with making a recommendation between Atlantis and Avalon is that a 10-pull is just too small to have a high chance of getting a 5*. I don’t know that it really matters. I guess in your shoes I’d probably go Avalon because it comes around less often.


The odds of a 5* are the same in Avalon and Atlantis, at 2.5%. But it’s only 1.5% in the Seasonal summons. The probability of getting MN from a 10x about 3%.

I’d go for Avalon. The 4* heroes are excellent (Merlin) and good (Lancelot); the 5* are all worthy. (Morgan is tougher than she’s given credit for.) Arthur is superb for titans in particular, and Guinevere for defense tank.


Just to be clear though, “better odds” still is pretty low. You’ve got a 22% chance of a 5*, so it’ll happen a little less often than once in every 4 times you try a 10-pull. What I’m saying is, I agree with @Kerridoc, but don’t get too disappointed if you don’t pull any 5* heroes. The odds are against you.


Not to throw another wrench into the works, but Personally I’d wait for Atlantis. Mostly because since you have a number of the “original” 4* heroes, I feel like (no math to back this up) you’ve got a better chance of pulling 4*s you don’t already have. Agreed that Merlin and Lance are worth it, but heroes like Wilbur, Proteus and Triton are also excellent.

Disclaimer: I am by no means trying to persuade you to spend money you may or may not have! That said, with the $2 deals in the winter calendar and the expected $1 deals during Avalon, it looks like you could get up to 3000 gems for an Atlantis pull without spending a ton.


appreciate it; i only bought 2 vips to get tc20; i wont spend anymore :wink: makes the game more interesting - for me :slight_smile:

I would like a Wilbur :slight_smile: have 200 coins (will update 1st/main reply)

so - 6-7 more atlantis pulls vs 7 avalon pulls vs 8 (if unlucky) - 10 (if lucky) christmass… hmmm what to do? what to do?..

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Avalon. Avalon and THEN S2.


Do not even HOPE for Mother North on Epic pulls. Yes people get lucky, but the chances compared to Avalon is so little. Much like @Garanwyn said.

i did get RedHood from first 300 gems used and stopped :smiley: wanted to make 4 pulls then :smiley:
so i am lucky - dont know if i have luck left though :smile: >>> with the stashed eht i didnt :stuck_out_tongue:


No is all days kkkkkk
But… noody can talk some haha
maybe do you have lucky.

Step 1: take the money you would spend on the gems and turn it into cash (for this to work you can’t use credit cards)

Step 2: take said cash and place it in the toilet and flush

Step 3: you have a 98.7% chance (based on odds of getting the top tier hero from the draw) of having the same feeling as you would drawing heroes.

Outcome: you will have more time to watch said cash swirl around the toilet than watching what you get from a summon.


Hah! Got a chuckle out of that, @Streets.

Seriously, though, the odds aren’t that bad that you’ll get something useful. Especially as the OP is still starting out, most any 4* or 5* will add to their bench.

I do urge setting a budget and sticking to it. It is far too easy to start “rage summoning” if you haven’t gotten the hero you want. Sounds like the OP is sound in this area, though.


Useless reply…


What about NO BUDGET? :wink:

No money spent, Accepting the Random, Moving on, Celebrating more than a c2p player when getting lucky :smile:

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Please stay on topic :slight_smile:

Actually, burning it is better. Because fires are bright, cheerful, and keep you warm in December.

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I think you’ve heard some good arguments for both Atlantis and Avalon. Someone else might have a different idea, but my guess is you’re at the point of just having to weigh up options and make a choice. Whatever you choose, good luck and I hope you pull something exciting.


Last time I made such a topic…

Guess what… First pull = RedHood!!!

I WAS EXTATIC !!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes: remembering now :star_struck::hugs::blush:


Good things to spend gems on:

  • Event
  • Seasonal (Easter excluded)
  • Atlantis


  • Rushing chests (gets you more ascension mats)
  • Extra hero slots


  • Normal. Never do this.
  • Elemental. Never do this unless you’re desperate for a chance at current HotM and better summon options won’t be available. But even then… Don’t.
  • Single pulls


  • Rush buildings. Ever.
  • Rush training. Ever.
  • Rush crafting. Ever.
  • Buy battle items. Ever.
  • Buy an extra team slot.

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