Gazelle's dance did not go away after death by riposte

Gazelle died due to riposte via tile damage but her dance is still in place.

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Click OPTIONS and go to the SETTINGS tab, then uncheck to TURN OFF the music, then her allies will stop dancing.

Gazelle’s allies will keep dancing as long as the music is ON

~ la… la… la ~


Do you know if Gazelle effect is still on or only the symbol?

I didn’t think that the status effect of all the allies was linked to Gazelle?

I thought that the duration of the dancing lasted until the end of the normal time?

Yes, Gazelle’s dance gets dispelled upon her death. Here’s a video of her dying 2 turns after the Dance was cast and her buff goes away. Link jumps straight to the part where she casts her Dance.

@Expired it’s not just a graphic bug, Gazelle’s death event did not trigger the 100% loss of mana that should have occured. You can see that Kadilen still has mana.


Sounds like a bug.

For bug diagnosis purposes, was Gazelle under an accuracy debuff?

Hmm interesting… I didn’t think Gazelles card mentioned that on death the dancing stops

I didn’t record that raid but I don’t think she was under any debuffs. And I’m not convinced that should matter since the damage and mana reduction are part of the Dance which was successfully applied to allies.

@Guvnor I remember that condition being stated in the beta version of her card. Not sure if that was removed in one revision or another. But the intent was always to keep the Dance going only for so long as Gazelle remains in play.

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Yes, I 100% agree about the SHOULD. But your screen shot seems to show otherwise.

From a coding point of view all specials are cast either on target enemies or target allies.

If the same sub routine is used for REMOVING specials then a bug hunter might examine the accuracy debuff code.

IIRC Gazelle is the first special that removes upon caster’s death that effects others than caster so the code might be “target all allies 100% attack” ( which makes a lot of sense since it uses attack and defense stats ) and “target all allies remove status effects” and “target all allies -100% mana” ( like a reverse Guinevere). So an accuracy debuff would have to check if effect like Gazelle or Mok-Arr’s Black tide is causing the damage.

It is not clear ( like sooooo many cards ), but that is what happens

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