Gazelle VS El Duque allies receiving Def down while in dancing mode

When Gazelle activates the special to put the Allies into “dancing the dance of spirits” mode what will make the allues immune for new status effects.

The moment El Duque (Gargoyle family) fires the special, all allias will receive stacked Defence down.

This should not be the case as dancing mode from Gazelle should prevent this.

Gazelle’s dance does not prevent stacks. It’s the same thing with Skadi - she will still be able to put stacks on your heroes even if they are under Gazelle’s dance.


The special states, Gives Immunity to new status effects.

My opinion or thoughts might be wrong, immune means immune and allies should also not receive stacked status effects.

Never played Gazelle against Skadi, on my to do list now :wink:

Thanks for your reply

I consider this the same as heroes who remove undispellable effects.

It seems like it shouldn’t happen, but the wording is very intentional it seems to allow it.

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Stacks are stacks, they aren’t status effects. Do a long press on a heroe or an ennemi with a status effect and a stack and you will see that they are shown in two different sections.
This way a heroe can also have both a defense down status ailment and a defense down stack at the same time. Can be handy for titan fights :+1: