Gazelle Skills

Under Gazelle’s Skills

Reduces all received damage by -50%

Is this correct or should it be ‘Reduces all received damage by 50%’?

If it is correct, could you reword it to to increased all received damage by 50%. I’m feeling like the negative sign want supposed to be there, but maybe you guys were careful in the wording to confuse players into thinking that they were getting a benefit.

Hi! It is a benefit. It takes -50% off off all incoming damage. For example, slash attacks do 100% damage so when under the effect of her skill you would only take 50% incoming damage. Or, if an enemy uses a skill that does 300% damage, it would instead do 250%. That is why it is worded as -50% rather than “cuts damage in half” or something similar.

I agree the wording is a little odd, but it does technically make sense.

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Ahh i see what it’s getting at. If it was hit by a 300% damage attack then the player would receive 150% damage instead of 250% damage.

That makes a lot of sense. I still think the wording needs to be clarified

Oh thanks @CarrotSupply for finally letting me understand that gazelle is not as op as I thought.

And I always wondered why my damage felt so “high” because I always thought it is “all cut by half” :smile:

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