Gazelle OP in event – Make Rare Stage 6 easier, to balance it in relationship to later Stages

Is there a reason that Gazelle has been put to God mode in event to defend??? Guardian Owl has way better stats for defence but for some reason (more reason to players to use money for summons?) you have decided to make it appear that Gazelle is owerpowered. Couple of pics to clarify, taken from rare lvl6(Gazelle) and 8(Owl).

The Boss stats are often very different than the Hero versions, so it’s a bit hard to compare the Bosses to each other vs. the Heroes to each other and expect them to relate the same way.

You might actually have noticed that Boss Gazelle has weaker buffs than the Hero version, for instance.

They may have felt that Owl with higher HP would be too difficult to fight because of his Defense buff, and adjusted it down accordingly; or they may have felt that Gazelle with lower HP was too easy.

Did you find Rare 6 particularly hard?


Slightly off-topic but I just noticed their boss specials are 1/8? This always the case with bosses and I somehow never noticed…? :sweat_smile:

I understand it needs tweaks and all for events compared to normal gameplay but taken from that, it takes a lot more to get past lvl6 than lvl8 which should never be the case in events witj same hero setup. And 800hp buff 2 levels earlier is not acceptable in my opinion but hey that’s just me.

All these types of tweaks are just taking the fun out of game and makes it seem just a rip-off.

Ok, so you’d like to see Level 6 made easier. I’ll move this to #ideas-feature-requests and retitle it as a suggestion thread then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Didn’t have time to check but I bet this isn’t the case with just lvl6 vs lvl8 in rare mode. I assume it goes through all difficulties and all the levels with new heros as tye “old” event heros die as they have for past 2 years and the new ones are keeping the ground way more firmly. So not to balance just single stage but the whole event so it’s progressing correctly from bottom up.

The balance from Stage to Stage is debatable, though, because different Bosses and combos of Bosses are intrinsically easier or harder. HP isn’t the only factor.

Stage 9 with 3 Bosses is also potentially more challenging than Stages 10-12 after it that only have 2 Bosses each, for instance. It doesn’t seem like a completely linear progression is really the intent in the design.

But Stages 1-8 are one Boss each, so your argument for linear progression in those seems more justified as a specific case.

If you want to add to that for other balance adjustment suggestions, this could certainly expand to include those. I think it’s clearer if they’re specific, rather than just “balance the whole event better.”

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As a follow up, it also occurs to me that they could potentially just swap Stages 6 and 8.


^^^ This

Though I auto play to stages 1- 7 with

Muggy 3*+1
Azar 3* 3.50
Belith 3*+1
Gato 3*+1
Hawkmoon 3*+1

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