Gazelle has been nerfed?

From when Gazelle doesn’t remove all ailments? She doesn’t remove any negative stacks effects?

Guardian Gazelle “Removes all status effects from all allies except the caster. Removes even status effects that are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable.” Her skill has never stated that she removes stacks. These two things are unique. That is why other special skills/passives will specify “status effects and stacks”. Because of this, it is not a bug nor a nerf. Hopefully this helps clarify for you :nerd_face:


I am fairly positive that for a long time Gazelle was cleansing Skadi’s stacks and now it is not, plus once I have seen that, checked multiple other stacks were not cleansed

Idk about Skadi’s stacks, but I found in the old GG this about Mireweave’s stacks from Feb 2020

So it looks to me like it has always left stacks alone

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Need to replicate but 99% sure what happened today was that Gazelle cleaned the negative mana stack but left the damage stack. If that is the case totally a bug and doesn’t make sense. When replicate will share

Gazelle never removed or prevented stacks.


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