Gazelle Dancing not block "Stacks"

OK, WTF. I Just fought Skadi with Guardian Gazelle and his snowflakes stuck to my dancers and caused damage. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen?

At a guess (not a developer) the “loophole” might be that Stacks are not considered “status Effects” but something different.

Thus because Gazelle specifically stipulates “Status Effects”, the Stack Effects are exempt…

I don’t have gazelle tho so I can’t really test…

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That seems to be the case @Guvnor.

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Why doesn’t the gazelle remove the Skadi effect?

Someone posted the same thing the other day somewhere here. Not sure if it was resolved sorry

Here’s the thread on that

But its very big problem becase no one Hero in the game cant despel this Status… Please fix it @Guvnor

Gunvor is only a player he kinda don’t have that much stroke to change stuff :wink:

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Stacks ≠ status effects
It’s a whole new categorie that Gazelle don’t cover.

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