Gay Wolves Network

All 4 alliances in the Gay Wolves network are recruiting.

Gay Wolves-Killing 11and 12titans. Requirements are: 2.4k trophies and can field an all 5* defense in war, a 50k minimum total damage per titan, and all war flags used . Chat can be active and raunchy

Gay Wolflings-Killing 10* titans. Requirements are 1.8k trophies, 30k minimum total damage, and all war flags used. Chance to move up to Gay Wolves. It can be both chatty and quiet.

Gay Cubs-Requirements are 1.4k trophies and 3 war and titan flags used. Chance to move up to Wolflings and Wolves.

Gay Pups-Training alliance and relaxed feel. No requirements. Perfect for those just starting out, or wanting a more laid back feel.

Line is recommended.

Contact corten44 for more details.


@Novo make your own recruiting post. Bad form to hijack someone else’s post

@NPNKY My sincere apologies. Won’t happen again.


Gay Wolves Network has space available.

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We are a family of 19 looking for a merger

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