Gay Peaches looking to add fresh peaches!

Anyone want to help take down a rare titan?

Come for the titan, stay for the Peachy goodness!

We took out the fire roasted chicken dinner, and now settling the tab.

We’re still looking for a Peach wanting a forever home!

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Still looking for new Peaches??? :smile: I’m at about 2200 cups. 3900 TP. I play enough to use my Titan and War energy up just about 100% of the time. I’ve enjoyed playing with my current alliance since I started playing the game about 6 months ago, but would love to try working with an alliance that is a little more active.

Thanks for considering it!

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Still looking and would love to have you!

Two spots open! :rainbow: :peach:

One spot! Come enjoy being a Peach!

@Kay-o @Lace @sleepyhead @JGE :musical_note: we have an opening for a gay peach, a beautiful bonafide gay peach! :musical_note:

Please forgive my butchering of Opening for a Princess from Once Upon a Mattress (I was in a high school production of the musical, green tights and all…). We really would love to welcome a new peach to our alliance!

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Thanks @Jamias ! but despite my embracing of my peach-iness, I’m very happy in my current alliance with no plans to move :slight_smile: am sure you will find an awesome, beautiful gay peach soon!

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Thank you very much. Would love to be with all you peaches but I am sitting comfortably within an alliance right now so don’t have plans to move anytime soon.
Will always keep you in mind if anything changes.
Fingers crossed that you find a big strong gay peaches soon x

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Still looking… currently with added bonus that we have the 10* rare titan Queen Harpy on deck! Join now and get some titan attacks in for a chance at a royal tabard! :crown::coat:

Take a bite of this peach! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiling_imp:


I’m not looking for an alliance, just say the name Gay Peach and immediately thought of one of my all time favorites Nina Bonina Banana Fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown!

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We still have a empty spot waiting to be filled by a new peach! Plenty of peachy goodness to share and enjoy! :peach::peach::peach:

New open spot for a Peach in waiting!

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A long time Peach has left which has left us lonely. Looking for a big time Peach in waiting!

We also have what we call the Peachy Rules if you want an idea of how we’re organized and governed:

How to be a Gay Peach? Easy… battle every titan, use all war attacks, socialize, and have a good time! But sometimes even a Gay Peach may go bad, and action needs to be taken to keep the alliance running smoothly. With that in mind below are the detailed expectations and rules for the governance of the alliance.

  1. The Leader will maintain a document to track activity in support of making decisions to promote, demote, or toss off (kick out) a Gay Peach.

  2. Each Gay Peach is expected to battle every titan at least once. Failure to battle the titan results in one demerit, unless the titan is defeated, in which case Gay Peaches who did not have a chance to battle will not be penalized with a demerit.

  3. Each Gay Peach is expected to use all his or her war attacks in every alliance war in which he or she participates. Each unused war attack results in one demerit (maximum six demerits).

  4. Life happens, and Gay Peaches love to travel! A Gay Peach must notify the alliance in advance of any absences (including specific dates) to be excused from receiving demerits for missing titan battles. To be excused from receiving demerits due to missing a war, a Gay Peach must also opt out of wars. A Gay Peach who failed to alert the alliance that they will be unavailable, remained opted into wars, and then misses a war entirely may be tossed off at the Leader’s discretion, especially before matchmaking begins for the next war. The Leader may remove demerits issued to a Gay Peach if later informed of an emergency (e.g. a personal accident or illness, loss of or damage to device used to play the game, etc.).

  5. The Leader may use discretion on issuing demerits on a case-by-case basis for a new Gay Peach since he or she may need time to handle the rigors of Peachiness (i.e. it takes a while to collect a full complement of war teams).

  6. A Gay Peach becomes eligible to be promoted to the rank of Elder upon reaching 120 days in the alliance; this requirement may be waived by the Leader for a Gay Peach who exhibits extra Peachiness (i.e. an already experienced player who gladly shares his or her knowledge with other Gay Peaches). See also Rule 9.

  7. A Gay Peach may maintain the rank of Elder or above only so long as he or she remains active. Any Elder or above Gay Peach upon being issued 10 demerits in the current month will be immediately put on probation and demoted to the rank of Member. At the end of the following full month if a Gay Peach on probation has less than 10 demerits for that month then his or her probation ends and he or she becomes eligible for promotion back to the rank of Elder.

  8. Any Gay Peach with the rank of Member at the start of a month (i.e. rank of Member is not due to being on probation) upon being issued 10 demerits in the current month will be immediately put on probation. A Gay Peach on probation is not eligible for promotion to the rank of Elder or above. At the end of the following full month if a Gay Peach on probation has less than 10 demerits for that month then his or her probation ends. Any Gay Peach on probation at the start of a month, either by Rule 7 or Rule 8, upon being issued 10 demerits for that month will be immediately tossed off.

  9. Line Chat allows for more communication options and chat history than the in-game chat. A new Gay Peach is required to subscribe to the alliance’s Line Chat groups within seven calendar days of becoming a Gay peach; failure to do so will result in being tossed off. The Leader or Co-leader(s) must inform a new Gay Peach of this rule within a timely manner. Remaining subscribed to the Line Chat groups is a requirement for promotion above the rank of Member.

  10. The Leader may promote up to two Gay Peaches as Co-leaders. If there are no Co-leaders, the Leader should begin a selection process in a timely manner. The Leader may also designate either him or herself or one of the Co-leaders to serve as War General (or similar working title) for the alliance with duties that may include but are not limited to directing war strategy, advising war defense teams, etc. Co-leaders serve at the Leader’s pleasure. The Leader must promote another Gay Peach as Leader before abdicating his or her leadership position!

  11. The Leader reserves the right to toss off a Gay Peach without notice for being unPeachy (i.e. being a jerk, a general nuisance, or otherwise compromising the Peachy spirit); the Leader may also impose a ban from rejoining the alliance on any Gay Peach tossed off in accordance with this rule.

  12. The Leader also reserves the right to grant an exception to a Gay Peach from being demoted, being put on probation, or being tossed off due to explained circumstances, whether under the control of the Gay Peach or not (e.g. illness, civil unrest, extended travel plans, moving, needing a break for school or work, etc.).

  13. A former Gay Peach is welcome to remain in the alliance’s Line Chat social group in order to keep in touch at the Leader’s discretion but will be removed from the strategy group. A former Gay Peach who left of his or her own accord may be restored to his or her previous rank of Elder upon rejoining the alliance. A former Gay Peach who was tossed off due to Rules 4, 8, or 12 would start the count anew before becoming eligible again for the rank of Elder.

  14. This policy document will be reviewed at least once every six months and updated as need be.

  15. As always, stay Peachy!

Last modified 1 August 2020 by Jamias.

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Good set of rules / standards - nice job

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Thank you, greatly appreciate it!

One of our longtime Peaches needed to take a long break from the game, so we are looking for another new Peach. Would love to have you join our Peachy family!

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