Gay Peaches looking to add fresh peaches!

The Gay Peaches find themselves in search of a couple of fresh Peaches, ready to be welcomed with open arms! :rainbow: :hugs: We are an international, flirty, sassy, fun-loving group looking to add new peaches ready to take on titans, fight in wars, and socialize.

We also utilization Line group chat.


Ah! I love the alliance name.

I’ve actually fought against one of your players in a raid. I remember it cause I laughed at the alliance name. Lol.


Think the members name was Cloud… I could be wrong…

Shame that I’m not looking to join. But just wanted to say hi! :wave:t3:


Was just chatting with Cloud about his TC 20 giving him an Azlar a lil bit ago :slight_smile:

Thanks for dropping a line here, and you’d always be welcome if you’re ever looking for a new home later!

That’s so kind of you to say.

To be honest… it may be a possibility.

I’ve been in my alliance for almost 2 years now. I’m one of the Elders actually. Infinite Waters.

Well… Myself and one other elder pretty much run the group. Our leader doesn’t bother so much.

If it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made, I’d have left a while ago. I like a strong leader!

I will certainly hold your details :slight_smile: You may be the change I am after.

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Do you mind me asking how many star Titans you currently are up against right now?

We are in the 10 & 11* range for titans

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Same as my current alliance :slight_smile:

Thank you. I shall think about it. :wink:

Happy Gaming!

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Happy Gaming as well!

Loving the alliance name too. I now need to look you up lol

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Please do! We’d love to have ya!

@Lace with the war over, we still have two open spots if you’re interested!

One spot remaining! Come complete our bushel of fresh Gay Peaches! :rainbow::peach:

We were delighted to have a couple of guest Peaches for the mid-week war and a run of downed titans, but alas we find ourselves again two Gay Peaches short. :peach:

Oh dear … I looked and you were full. Now joined a new alliance …

On no! Well keep us in mind

Whereas today, not only are we hoping to add permanent members, but also accepting any help for a rare titan!

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890k and under 8hrs left.

Come for the titan, stay for the war!

A wonderful peach returned to the game and visited for a week before deciding to go back into retirement, so we find ourselves again hoping to find a long term peach from anywhere in the world! :rainbow: :world_map: :peach:

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I just recently joined a wonderful alliance and am not looking to move, but I wanted to pop in and say hi - cool alliance name! After all, every gay man appreciates peaches :slight_smile:

good luck with the recruiting!

Also: Thunder Unicorn, lol.

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Hehe, yeah I really enjoy the thunder unicorn avatar. Granted I’m jealous of the dragon rooster one of my alliance members has

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that’s another very Pride-ful one :wink:

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