Gaurdian owl

So recently pulled the Owl. Everything i have read seems to point to him being unusable. I am lucky enough to have Ludwig. So my thought is he might be an absolute killer next to him. Asking for the communities input before i give him darts(which i dont have yet).

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Other golds waiting to ascend are Joon, Bai Yeong, C Drake Fong, C Justice and Leonidas.

Thanks heaps for any advice.


In a vacuum, I vote to ascend C-Drake Fong over Owl 100%. :wink:


hang the owl on the tree, and priorotize someone else first (drake or joon)

c.Drake Fong is the best all rounder of those options so should be your priority out of those in my opinion. Great on attack and defence with or without costume.

Owl & c.Justice are more “Last man standing” heroes. They cause massive damage but only if your team is pretty much dead Already… Though owl does give a def down to the enemy which can be useful against titans.

Joon gets a lot of love from veteran players but I’ve never been a fan. Great hit and the 6 turn blind is useful but he’s not my “cup of tea”.

Bai Yeong is a guilty pleasure of mine. I use him quite a bit, though he takes timing to make him truly useful. His healing reduction is what I find most useful though.

Leonidas is okay. much more useful with his costume. I would ignore him until you grab the costume unless you already have it… If you do, then he should be first.

Just one person’s opinion.

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:

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out of those i would choose between

Joon, Bai Yeong, C Drake Fong

depending on what you need more. each of them has their use case and is a decent hero.

©Drake id level … Very versatile in the game in all parts…
Owl id like to have think i could make him work its more a luxury hero … You have other heros that will help you in the long game and be benfital for yah …:+1:

A YouTube guy i etch… He used to put owl at tank, then flank him with 2 1* heores… The 1* died then pop, right to the kisser… But that always seemed like a dumb strategy…

I voted drake. I was very fortunate to have a fully leveled moreau when I was blessed with drakes costume so i haven’t taken drake above 3/70, that being said drake rocks alongside joon and malosi in a stack.