Gaurdian gazelle and snow white

I’ve been testing and trying to find out if snowwhite is able to benefit from an attack buff before she dispels it for her special. The only buff i could find that doesnt dispel when snowwhite uses her special is gaurdian gazelle. Should have +100% attack, but doesnt seem like attack buff actually works.

Ive recorded a video of snowwhite using her special without gaurdian gazelles special, and with her special. They both seem to do the same damage.

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Specials will be processed in the order as written on the card.

1st: Snow dispels all buffs (even undispellable) from all enemies and all allies.

2nd: Snow deals damage to all enemies without any buffs, since she removed them in step 1.

No bug, just right.

Interesting. I have both maxed. Even if I already have an idea on what will happen, I will still try to experiment on this.

This is incorrect. Snow can not remove undispellable buffs and ailments. I just had a raid where Nat hit Snow. I fired Snow and Nat’s ailments remained. Her card reads all ailments and buffs, it doesn’t mention undispellable like Gazelle’s special does.


In the one picture snowwhite is using her special without gazelles buff on her. Damage is around 500.

Next picture gazelle has her +100% attack buff on snowwhite (undispellable) it even shows snow white with double attack when you click on her. But when you use her special, it only does around 500 too? Shouldnt it be alot higher with the attack buff?

In the first picture, were there any status effects on your heroes or the enemies? Snow White’s damage increases with status effects, so that could be a reason why the damage you are seeing is around the same in both pictures-in the first pic, she could have removed effects caused by Telly, Santa or Rigard, increasing her hit % by a lot, but in the second it looked like she only removed Gazelles healing buff, so even with the dancing up the damage would be less.

Yes. The first picture had 16 buff / ailment removal .

The second picture removed 12 buff / ailments.

So the first picture had an extra 60% extra damage before the buff.

I’m not sure if an extra 60% damage would equate to a +100% attack buff, but it seems possible. The only way to truly test if this is actually a bug is if you take a team of SW, two 1* heroes, Boril/Cyprian, and Gazelle, placing the 1* heroes on either side of Boril/Cyp. Wait until the 1* heroes die, fire Boril/Cyp (one status effect for her to remove) then fire SW. Now test again firing Gazelle with no other status effects on the field except her healing buff, then fire SW. If she does the same amount of damage both times, it is clearly a bug, as in the second test she should hit for more as the damage % is the same but she has increased attack.

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