Gato bug in RaidT

I was a bit surprised when I used Jahangir to take out Gan Ju that the burn DOT also worked on Gato who had immunity up from the turn before. Didn’t impact the outcome of the fight, but a bug for sure.


Are you sure that Gato didn’t fire his special AFTER Jhangir?

Gato only protects against future specials, not existing ones

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Yep before, which is why I was surprised it stuck

a DOT might not be considered a status ailment

It sure should be, and has been in the past. I use Aerons immunity to protect against DOTs regularly

I used Gato in the tournament, but didn’t notice anything. Probably because I didn’t know what to look for since I’ve been playing less than a month.

I thought that the symbols for buffs and ailments were done in the order that they occurred in. If that is the case than Gato had burn damage on him before he fired his special. Without clicking on the hero we don’t know if that burn damage was from the most recent firing of Jahangir’s special or from a previous one.

No…I told you how it went. I even considered not firing since the immunity was up, but wanted to eliminate Gan right away and would have enough ghosting space to charge some hero up to kill Gato before he could charge.

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