Gate to Valhalla is recruiting; come join us in battling up to 11* titans 😊 [21/30]


Little jet, don’t fret
All set?
I bet


If ya wanna join our awesome lil family - full of compassionate, supportive people from all over the world - get straight away to the messaging. You’d be doing us both a favor :joy:

Also, Ravens of Valhalla may have an opening in the distant, but not all that distant, future, so keep an eye, and that in mind

ID: randapanduh

I smell bubble-gum

Eeek, our lil family grew by +1 :grin:

So upon some reorganizing, we [officially] have a few openings in Gate to Valhalla :blush:

Don’t miss your chance!

Come join our lil alliance, and find out for yourself what an online family truly feels like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Hint: it’s amazing)

Line ID: randapanduh

Hmu if you’re interested or have any questions :blush:


& If you’re just starting out in the game, and/or you’re afraid that Gate to Valhalla would be too fast paced for you…

Check out Guardians of Valhalla, our new home for growing players :blush:


War is over

Time to consider whether your current standing is the right home for you

…Or if you wanna find a family and a better fit :wink:

ID: randapanduh

(For after war…)

Upon birthing a third Raven family member [Guardians of Valhalla]…

…Our precious Gate to Valhalla has been left with a handful of vacancies


Come check us out :relaxed:

ID: randapanduh

Oh and if you’re new, or wanna take it real slow, try out our very new Guardians of Valhalla.

If you’re experienced, and wanna start chaining 14* Titans, contact us about Ravens of Valhalla (Top 300 alliance)

Gate to Valhalla is gonna be for those somewhere in the middle. Less pressure, and competitiveness, but same amount of friendliness and fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As Ravens, we do take the “casual” in our casual-competitive lifestyle very seriously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No drama, no stress, no hard feelings, and no pressure. Take it as it comes, and we’ll be there to support you regardless :relaxed:

We will treat you like family :heart::blue_heart:

& While you’re out searching, when in doubt, look for the rune next to our family names :wink: You’ll know you’ve got the right place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

War is over

Hit me up, fool :kissing_heart:

Bump for my players at the Gate :kissing_heart:

I am having one account With Exp lvl 20 can I Join in your alliance


You’re the one who commented in this thread earlier, recruiting for your last alliance :thinking: So I’m a bit confused, but…

…If you’d like to find a home for that account, Guardians of Valhalla[X ] is gonna probably be the best fit [of the three] for a level 20 account :relaxed:

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