Gate to Valhalla is recruiting; come join us in battling up to 11* titans 😊 [21/30]

Welp, now we’re only talking maybe four to five spots left :sweat_smile:

Our lil Raven family has grown so much :heart:

So if you’d like an in, lemme know :slightly_smiling_face:

(Before it’s too late)

Line ID: randapanduh


I’m looking for a new alliance that kills titans above 5/6*. I have been active for around 6 months and have 1600 trophies and am level 38. Looking to increase the difficulty of the Titans I fight. Would I be a good fit with you guys?

Mark T

@MarkT We are hitting 9-10 star titans in gate. If you are interested you can join :blush:

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Thanks I will do, just need to leave my current team

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Hi, I have sent a request to join the gate


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Epic Embers is the correct Alliance for you because they are hitting 6/7* titans and more liberally in all aspects not kicking easily unless you absent from the play for more than 4 days(continuously) and absent from the war with war box checked. You can absent any no. of wars by unchecking the war box.

Wrong thread, @bitra77777 :face_with_monocle:

For future reference: If you wanna recruit, please don’t do it in other peoples’ recruitment threads :sweat_smile:

Make your own :kissing_heart:

Been a min

Gate to Valhalla is recruiting

(again :relaxed:)

We’ve got a max of four spots up for grabs! If we sound like the sorta family alliance for you, come check us out now, and become a full-fledged Raven with us :grin:

& If you’ve got any questions beforehand, hmu thru here or Line anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

ID: randapanduh
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Randa, y’all sound great! I used to run with the Guardian family, that must have been around 2018. This was my first mobile game that stuck at all. Took a break, thought I might come back. I’d love to give the Valhalla family a try and see if we’re a good fit!



Glad to see you back here then, and well, we’d love to have you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have any questions beforehand? Or Line? Totally optional, but figure I’d check in case it makes things easier. (ID: randapanduh)

Or else if you’re ready to make the switch, you’re welcome to give us a try by hopping over anytime! Already given the FYI just in case :wink:


Create your own recruitment thread @bitra77777. This one belongs to Gate :rofl:


Hello. I was actually in Lords of valhalla about 2 years ago. I realized I was in over my head and not able to keep up. Since then, I’ve leveled up quite a bit and am looking for a more active alliance. Figured I would try the gate this time and stay in the shallow end of the pool for a bit. Any chance I can join?


That sounds great, and of course! You’re welcome to head on over anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

Do lemme know if you have any questions beforehand, or else I’ll fill the alliance in that you’re on your way :relaxed:


Thank you, I should be able to join about this time tomorrow.

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Hi there

I’ve been with my current alliance now for over two years and to be honest it’s become rather stagnant with few players not using war flags not hitting titans some haven’t logged on for a while, I was made leader, not something I wanted as the former leader lost interest, I feel that I’ve done all I can with my current alliance and am seeking a new challenge, having read your description you all sound like a great family and I was hoping I could join your group and continue to grow with in the game


I know what you mean. I was in a similar place and since I joined 48 days ago, it’s been more fun and less stressful knowing that even if screw up in the war or against titans, there will be others who can pick me up


I can understand your frustration, and your eagerness for change.

Well, we’d of course love to have you! So if you’d like, you can head on over anytime! & I’ll let em know to be expecting you just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

Although, do lemme know if you have any questions beforehand :relaxed:

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I don’t have any questions at the moment, but if any spring to mind I’ll ask away, thank you very much for your response


Eek, only two spots left

Ravens of Valhalla’s younger sister is almost all grown up; where does the time go?! :sweat_smile:

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I’m sleeeeeepy

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