Gate to Valhalla is recruiting; come join us in battling up to 11* titans 😊 [21/30]

Well hello there, familiar faces :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s high time we expanded the Ravens family, so here goes nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

Gate to Valhalla is recruiting!

Sister to the well established, casual-competitive, Ravens of Valhalla

It’s a place that began as a home for former Ravens to get some much needed R&R - away from the active struggle of top-tier level play - while also allowing any aspiring Ravens-to-be a nest to hatch in :slightly_smiling_face: In time, it sorta took on a life of its own, and now, it has become well-past-deserving of its own thread :relaxed:

The Gist

  • Invite Only
  • Casual-competitive
  • 200+ Trophy Requirement
  • Battling up to 11* Titans
  • War is optional; if opted in, use all flags
  • Communication is key; any absences away should be notified, or else…
  • Extended periods of unexplained inactivity will result in a kick
  • Most importantly: have fun

…and as GtV fills up and grows, so, too, will this alliance, it’s members, and it’s titans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While both alliances fit under “casual-competitive”, Ravens of Valhalla is definitely our more competitive [of the two], while Gate to Valhalla is more casual. So depending on your priorities, and place in the game, will help determine which is truly the better fit [for you] :relaxed:

But the best part about both alliances?!

You get to play on your terms

No one telling you who to hit when, judging you for not having x hero, or meeting y TP; we’re all inclusive :slightly_smiling_face:(& In the Gate, even moreso, since we don’t have to be as strict about hitting titans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) & No matter what, we all will treat you with the camaraderie, kindness and respect that we all deserve from one another :blush:

It’s why this simple alliances truly feel like family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you want more information ~

What’s being a Raven mean?!

Well, quite a lot actually. We’ve got members stretching from all over the world - from almost all continents, age groups and cultures. We’re a welcoming, accepting, warm, engaging and supportive group of people, who enjoy the game almost as much as we enjoy each other’s company :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Treating each other with kindness, and respect, is a way of life for a Raven :slightly_smiling_face: We don’t enjoy drama, or negativity, in the slightest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sounds too good to be true, right?! Well… It’s not)


We’ve got handfuls of knowledgeable players, who can help answer any questions that arise, giving advice on anything, anytime. Several have been around since the inception of the game, a few are in the beta program, many know their way around this game [and back], and a couple are very active here on this forum. Either way you slice it, we’ve got plenty of experience, and wisdom, just waiting to share, and spread around, upon request :slightly_smiling_face:


& Although our alliances are separate, we do stay in contact with one another with our [optional] group chats through both Line and Facebook messenger. It’s exactly this that allows us to help our most junior members grow into the strongest versions of themselves they can possibly be :relaxed: & Exactly where specific questions can be addressed, regarding anything at any time, as well.

Our motto, and what to expect ~

No drama. No crazy rules. No pressure.

What to Expect

As we expect everyone who joins our little family to do their part, as part of the team, without having to be hassled about it. We do understand RL will always come first - especially in the Gate, specifically created for Ravens with more hectic RL schedules - but we also understand that we all joined for the same reason also: to play, and enjoy, this game. So at the end of the day, a balance must always be maintained. For Gate to Valhalla, that’s basically just showing up and giving it the most you can :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, in the Gate, we don’t have quite as high of standards. You’re still expected to be active, but:

  • There’s plenty room for players just starting out - still getting a feel for the game - to learn, grow and blossom without the added pressure; there’s no requirements past playing.
  • There’s also room for experienced players who’ve just had enough with the daily grind and status quo, and need a break, a vacation, or a place where they can finally kick up their feet, breathe in, and relax; no presumptions about meeting certain titan scores, item usages, TP etc.
  • Lastly, there’s also room for players who are just sick of their current standings, and would love to try a more inclusive, welcoming alliance for a change.
  • Plus, any players who enter the ranks of GtV are automatically considered and approved for our more competitive Ravens of Valhalla if/when the time comes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (our sister does get first dibs on all of our future openings :wink:) So if RoV is the sort of alliance you [eventually] wanna be in, GtV is a great place to get your foot in the door, and truly learn what the Raven culture is all about [first-hand]!

So long as you wanna play, and give it a try, well then, that’s all we need [from you] :relaxed:


Now, if this sounds more like your speed than your current circumstances - no matter your
level/standing in the game - give us a shout! I’m sure we’d love to have you, and get you integrated into the family as soon as possible :relaxed:

ID: randapanduh

Contact me anytime + I’ll answer any questions here, (or there), too :relaxed:

We’re looking for 10 + 3

(Lol okay, not my best rhyme, but work with me here… it’s been that kinda day :sweat_smile:)

Gate to Valhalla just downed a 10* rare

Pretty sweet :sunglasses:

Come join the action, and the family, now
(Or contact me for more information :wink:)

ID: randapanduh


I like that you are generous with using emoji here @RandaPandah! :wink:


Thank you :relaxed:

(I’m kinda generous with emojis everywhere, but hey, I’ll take it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Emojis: the best representation of emotions & intentions than actual words themselves :joy::rofl:

Ahh, where would we be without em :heart::sweat_smile:


This is what happens when you’re bored, waiting for your dentist to show up:

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of :notes:

(Break it down)

I walk thru the city of Valhalla, and lost, I roam
I’m looking for a new hangout, a family, a throne
A place where I can relax, and no longer feel so alone
The location I’ve been searching for; my house, new home

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of :musical_note:

I’d been sifting thru alliances, for what feels like too long
So long that everyone before it just felt totally wrong
& I can’t believe I found it, the place I belong
Now I just can’t help it, I’ve gotta sing along:

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of :notes:

(Again for the people in the back!)

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of :notes:

So if you’re lonely out there, looking, for a comforting place
Why not try Gate to Valhalla, a warm new space
Look forward to the convos, and titans we’ll face
& I promise that you’ll love it (too), once you give it a taste

(So sing it with me, now!)

Hey-o, hey-o

This is what Ravens are made of :musical_note:

(OK, you get the point :sweat_smile:)

Mic drop :microphone:

Since Gate to Valhalla is essentially the “Gate” (if you will) to our beloved Ravens of Valhalla, here’s a lil taste of what our most senior alliance is all about☺️

(In case one glove fits more than another)

Although, as Ravens of Valhalla is currently full, we do recommend any interested parties [in either] join GtV first to see what we’re all about :relaxed: Truly the best, and easiest, way to integrate you into our lovely Ravens family asap :purple_heart::heart:

(As members at the Gate get first dibs on any future openings :wink:)




Line ID: randapanduh


(Even if it’s just to hear me spout real words :sweat_smile:)

Cuz Gate to Valhalla is waiting :wink:


Time to bump


Cuz my alliance, and the mates inside, yeah well… They’re awesome

ID: randapanduh

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I’ve got two accounts that have been semi-retired in my own private alliance for the last six months. But it’s gotten kinda lonely, so I’m looking for an alliance with just the right balance between competitive seriousness and casual fun. Your posts here make me think that the Gates could be my new home.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll hit the titan every time I’m on, but I can guarantee that I’ll use my titan flags at lunch time every day. Titans are my least favorite part of the game, so I tend to do them only when I’m watching TV (which I do during my lunch breaks at work).

I love wars, though, and have never failed to use all my flags. My primary account is over three years old and my war defense is around 4300 or so. My secondary account is only a year old and has a war defense around 3800.

If that all sounds acceptable, I’ll look to disband my little two-dude alliance tomorrow and join up with the Gates.

Two questions for you first:

Do you require Discord or something similar?

Do you coordinate tank colors on war defenses?

Thanks for the info…


Hi CocoN8. I’m part of the Ravens to Valhalla, so I don’t know all the details about Gate to Valhalla. But… those who have switched between the alliances (both ways) have been great to be alliance mates with. My guess is that Gate is similar to Ravens in that 1) there is a Line and Facebook messenger group but it is not required (I do almost all my alliance communication in the in game chat) and 2) Ravens coordinates tank colors, but I’m not positive about Gate. This is the first alliance/family of alliances I have been a member of for over a year and I can’t speak highly enough of the people in them. I hope this helps with your decision.


Hey @CocoN8 :blush:

I’m not gonna be able to possibly top @bstoos beautiful words, and glowing recommendation, so imma just answer your questions (and maybe reiterate a lil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

First off, based on what you’ve described, you sound pretty perfect for Gate to Valhalla honestly :blush:

They’re all about participation, and trying your best, but won’t hound you about your hits, etc. So if you prefer to use your titan flags at lunch everyday, that is just fine!

(Hey - I get it; after so long playing, titans can get a lil monotonous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

+ They’re an awesome group of people, so no doubt you’ll have fun and feel at home with em :relaxed:

As for your questions:

  1. We do not have any mandatory forms of contact, although we do have group chats through both Facebook messenger, and Line, that are optional. Just an easier way to stay in touch with both alliances and everyone inside - but up to you whether you’d like to join em (or not) :blush:

  2. Gate to Valhalla does not coordinate war defenses. It is Ravens of Valhalla that’s more strict about those sort of things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So you just set your best and have fun! (Although, now that they’ve grown quite a bit, coordination may become a question up for debate in future, just… Not now)

Hopefully that covered most of your questions/concerns, but do lemme know if you’d like any more information beforehand. Or else, feel free to head over [after war] whenever (if you want) :grin:


Hi cocoN8!

I currently have my primary account (Katterik) in Ravens of Valhalla and my secondary/alt account (SilverKatt) in the Gate to Valhalla. I’m also co-leader at the Gate :grin: … Because I straddle both alliances, I can tell you with confidence that they are exactly as @RandaPandah as described. :sparkling_heart:

In particular, the Gate has slightly more relaxed rules and guidelines around Titans … although for war, if opted in, all flags must be used (which you already plan to do :grinning:). We do not currently coordinate colours at the Gate, although that’s a future possibility. I would invite you to come visit us at the Gate and get to know us :sunglasses:… I think you will find us a good match for your situation.

As BStoos mentioned, we have a very active optional LINE chat that is shared by members of both alliances, so we all get to know one another and each can benefit from the Ravens’ collective knowledge :nerd_face:.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Gate and getting to know you! :grinning::+1:


Is there space for an over-active level 73 (4600+TP) and level 60 alt (4400+TP)?

Been only in one alliance for the past 1.5 years and feel like I’ve outgrown it. Not sure if I want to be in a super-competitive alliance yet, so looking for something in between.

Just one question. Are there any rules regarding item usage (Harpoons, etc) against Titans?


Most definitely! :relaxed:

Gate to Valhalla would love to house both of your accounts :wink:

And then from there - if you ever decide you wanna ramp up your competitive play [eventually] - can always consider bringing over an acct to Ravens of Valhalla [if/when the timing calls for it] too (if ya want)

But anyway, since things are more relaxed over at the Gate [compared to RoV], there really are no rules other than participating. So that includes item usage/harpoon usage as well.

Tbh, both of our alliances have no requirements when it comes to item usage; you just use whatever you feel comfortable doing, with no pressure whatsoever :relaxed: While RoV does always strive for first mark [harpoons] (which isn’t ever an issue for us), GtV is definitely more free-flowing on the subject, although they do aim for first as well :relaxed:

(Hopefully that answers your question, but do lemme know if you’d like any more information beforehand; I’m always around :relaxed:)


Thanks for the quick response. Just need to say my farewells to my alliance mates and hopefully finish off this 9* Titan.

See you in a bit :blush:


Hi! I’m still a newish, active player working on building some good teams, so this alliance seems like a great fit for me.

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Hey :grin: Well, assuming you’re active and willing to learn and grow with us, we’d love to have you!

Do you have any questions beforehand??

(Also, do you have Line? It’s not required or anything, just curious :relaxed:)


I’m still in the random alliance I picked up when I started, so I’m looking forward to something with more than 3 real players lol. No real questions, I’m sure I can ask if I think of anything. I don’t currently have a Line, but I wouldn’t mind getting one.

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Just makes things easier to communicate thru + we have group chats - combining both alliances - into one. Where we can answer questions, chat, discuss mechanics together, etc. Really improves the experience, especially compared to in-game chat (that’s for sure :sweat_smile:)

Well, if you’d like, you can head over whenever! Although, I should probably get your in-game name-tag first so I can give a heads up :relaxed:


That went by fast :smirk:

Only six spots left!!

If we seem like your kind of people, come check out: what the Raven family is all about :kissing_heart:

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