Garnet problem?

Just fought an opponent in the war with Garnet as their Tank. Had her down to about 20% health, she fired her special and healed to 100%, and then did the same thing 4 more times; I eventually lost.

I don’t think her special is supposed to work that way…

Anyone else ever see this?

It depends on what charge she was at.

At 3x charge, Garnet gives herself (and all allies) +720 Health (boosted by troops and emblem nodes)

As for her doing it several times, also pretty normal. As a Ninja, they have a faster than very fast mana speed… So it doesn’t take much to recharge her special skill after it’s fired once before.

So yes, entirely possible for this to be happening “normally”


All her specials fired on mana level 1; supposed to heal 180 hp…not to full from 20% life remaining…or am I missing how it works

I think you will need some kind of evidence to show that; I’ve played Garnet many times and she’s always adhered to her hero card (i.e. 1x doing 180 HP x healing modifiers; 3x doing 720 HP x healing modifiers)


I’d love to re-try, but I don’t have the heroes to do it this war, and can’t waste my last two attacks on something that is guaranteed to get my alliance zero points.

Garnet at +20 has like 1650 health, even at 3rd charge with mana troops she would only heal about 900 or so…maybe with triton firing she would do 1300?

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