Garnet or Jean-Francois? Or maybe Vanda?

Workin on Garnet now, and will soon have her maxed. Should I replace Jean-Francois eith her on my defense?

Or should I wait and see if I get Vanda? Should she be in front of Garnet in the line of ascending?

My current defense is:

Seshat+19, Magni w/costume+20, Heimdall+19, Jean-Francois+18, Joon w/costume+19

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Just got Vanda and I have JF in my defence line too. So would be interested to see what people have to say here

JF is great on defense if you have killhare on defense as well. I haven’t maxed Vanda yet but I feel she will be a killer (literally) defensive end of things.

Garnet is a solid option as well but i think Vanda for her heal stealing ability will let rest of the lineup deliver some serious punishment without attacking team to able to recover

I tested Vanda extensively in beta, very useful on offense but I think she’s a weak defender. Her damage is very mediocre and her vampirism is easy to play around (either wait it out or cleanse it with an indirect healer like cRigard). I actually lost cups with Vanda over Mitsuko flanking Guinevere.

J.F. burns all enemies and protects your Heimdall from defense drops for much longer turn duration (4 vs 2). Personally, I think J.F. is the better defender.

I’m not sure on Garnet flank though – but with two healers in the center (Heimdall and Garnet) you might be risking a passive center and giving the attacker more room for charging skills.

RE: Garnet vs Vanda. Personally, I think Garnet is the better hero. Her HP boost is more valuable than the small amount of damage to all Vanda deals, and you can hold Garnet for a longer charge if you don’t need her skill to also get more benefit.


@DaveCozy you may have saved me from a ton of heartache!

JF i feel certainly is an underdog in defesive setups but I personally do not worry too much about him since he is easy to get rid of. I do wish he wasn’t nerfed cuz then I would actually use him vs benching him.

PS: I used gm, cobalt, frigg, garnet, jabber on raid def and that more often then not put me in top 10 spots

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