Garnet is probably too good on offence and needs a nerf

Garnet is essentially Grazul with a Ferrari engine. Her level 1 special is pretty much similar except she charges 1 tile faster (with mana breaks added in). On top of that you can hold on to her special and get a bigger heal. Unlike Grazul, her heal comes in the form of health boost so she can overheal and counter the -HP of Alfrikke. Further more, you can run her with other ninjas in your set up for a % dodge and counter.
Everyone complains about heroes that are too strong on defense. Well, Garnet is too strong on offence and makes raiding too easy. I like my raids to be challenging so I feel I have accomplished something. She needs to be nerfed.

p/s Just in case people don’t get it, this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to all the ‘this hero is too stronk, please nerf’
p/p/s Garnet is probably a bit overpowered
p/p/p/s Please don’t nerf my Garnet


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