🕵 Garjammal – S4 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Tyr is quite comparable to Garjammal.

Both fast, similar stats.

Both heal similarly. One does revive on top while other refreshes regen on spell dmg. Again quite equal though i prefer revive personally.

Fighter class is better than Barbarian one and it enchanes Tyr reviving ability

Last part is dmg, where Garjammal is winner on average .
But Tyr is a alot better solution in many prevalent defenses, where Sif or Isrod do counter attack, or reduce dmg (also Russulla) and Defense uppers ( Krampus, Freya).
Tyr dmges more often than not those at full potential while Garjammal dmg is impaired or he may die to counter attacks…
Then Tyr also has stackable bleeding dot along. You can play Tyr alongside Rokkamush on offense and deal tons of bleeding dmg.

In my personal opinion, i find Tyr better currently

Tyr is just not a threat on defense period. He hits like a gnat and is annoying when he won’t die, but really…he’s just a bump in the road. Garjammal is actually a threat and hits hard like a proper sniper though. Maybe Tyr is better offensively? I’ve never been impressed with him. Garjammal, yes.


I see yours is full attack path, which I’m currently going as well. It’s just that for garjammal’s case she’s quite unique. She may also forgo attack for defence as she can tank really well too. And to top it off, barbarian has the full shield and health path. But mine is also sword path.

I somewhat unbelievably just got 2 Garjammal in a 10 summon…

Octros or Morel would have been nice but sure…double Garjammal.

I thought she was pretty decent when she came out…I see her occasionally on defence and the special can be horrible.

What are people overall thoughts on her now she’s been out a while?

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Garjammal is a solid hitter with very nice stats. If you have emblems to boost that attack, all the better. Several times she’s been my last hero standing and I’ve taken out 2-3 enemy heroes. Her self heal makes her a survivor. Not sure who else you have to choose between, but she’s overall a very good hero.

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I have a decent roster no doubt. But I do like the self healing aspect. That’s an interesting dynamic to be explored.

I too got my second garjammal. Only place I can see myself using double garjammal is on titans for the bleed damage

I have 3 garjammal and 1 tyr :smiley::smiley:. Wtf should i do?

Max them all if you have the tonics to spare. If not, 1 of them garjammals goes into the HA

Max 1 Garjammal and Tyr if you have the resources. Hold on to the other 2 dupes and hope that SG has plans for a DNA Digivolve where you can put 2 5* heroes and come out with 1 super overpowered hero: Mega TyrJammal

“hope that SG has plans for a DNA Digivolve where you can put 2 5* heroes and come out with 1 super overpowered hero: Mega TyrJammal”

The dream!
my def team is JF (LB) - C kadilen (LB - ariel - killhare - c.joon.

Do u think i should replace c joon with full emblem garjammal?

Thanks for the reply

I m expecting the purple lb break to put on killhare

Pulled Garjammal in the most recent Tremors of the Underwild. How does she hold up in this day and age? I cannot find any talks about her, it’s like she went totally under the radar.

She’s the standard sniper of S4. Not too OP, just right. In certain situations she will be the last hero standing. Although a buff would be appreciated