🕵 Garjammal – S4 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Call me crazy, but I really like the artwork on this one.

She feels like Tyr’s partner in crime on the other wing to force some uncomfortable choices…run a 4* dispeller for the coverage of all enemies or pick one to dispel…all bets are off with Onyx although his AoE is slower than very slow, so good luck to you!

The resetting heal is an alternate counter to counterattacks and DoT, so yes quite happy with her.

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I agree, although I am also grateful to see not every hero is a gamebreaker. Good to see solid snipers and some situational heroes to drive consideration of synergies.

Akkarog for example will be golden when the new raid formations are released as he moves all those “and nearby allies” heroes out of the tank position.


Mine would be Garjammal, Baldur, Leonidas (or Freya), Atomos and Tyr…

She’s pretty solid, and please don’t compare her to Lianna a season 1 hero!


Sorry. LOL!

Is that all attack/defense/health route?

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I’m not sure, I haven’t decided to level mine up yet.
Still waiting but

I ran into her and she was hitting over 1k

I think if it’s all attack nodes it’s :
902 att
849 def
1474 health


Very happy with my Garjammal🥰. What a great sniper and such a lovely synergie with Frigg.

Went not full attack on the emblem path, so much heavy defence nowadays so wanted to keep her alive a little longer. My second hero above 900 energy, not complaining and worth the mats imho


In Effect 2, this could have added “This effect can’t be dispelled.”

Hey, Thanks a lot.

May I ask why you chose to give him the mana node at +19? As far as I know fast heroes don’t really benefit from that.


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Thanks…and why 16 right?:blush:

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@Berdy and @Monkey20

I went for the mana bonus so I need a level 23 manatroop to reduce the tiles from 8 to 7 instead of a manatroop 29.

To compensate the loss of the defence node at 19 I made the choice for a little more defence via node 16 to the right. Especially because of the heavy defences nowadays.

Hmm and my primary thought was that you took the node for very fast wars where you will only have to give her a lvl 5 mana troop instead of a 11…

I am still not sold as you are on the advantage of a fast hero going down 7 tiles. I am sure it is meaningful sometimes but usually they charge in 3 matches anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah, but having a 4 gem match and a 3 gem match charging you can mean the difference between win and loss.

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This is exactly my thought. We see a lot of 4 gems in a row. And like I said, there is so much power in defences you have to be quick. Especially to give Garjammal the HOT as quick as possible. But hey, just my theory. I think her stats are very fine like they are now.

I went attack/defense:


Gargamel is on par with kingston on offense. She pairs very nicely with fogg. ESP when facing krampus or a finley. Fogg hits harder overall. I run Toxi Lep Fogg Hel and Kingston/Gargamel. Depending on if I am facing a burn. I like the family bonus here. The tiles hit harder than a minion.

This could have added “This effect can’t be dispelled”

When you compare Garjammal to Tyr,then you will realise that we have many heroes that are waste of space…my Tyr is good for nothing after buff dispel. Can anyone do 1 Vs 1 battle? :hugs::grin:

Anybody with a +20 garjammal, what stat path did you choose for her? full offense is nice but she’s quite a unique sniper with offensive and tanking capabilities. I have mok arr to infinite her regen skill so the tanking is possible for me.

Here is mine…,

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