🕵 Garjammal – S4 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

and for even more oomph, vs Baldur…

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Which is why nobody is talking about her. She is so overshadowed by Elizabeth, morel and the rest of the OP S4 gang

Yep, I’m pretty disappointed. Done hundreds of pulls and the only 5 stars I got were the worst ones. No Liz or Moreau or any of the OP ones…

She isn’t the worst ones. She is at least better than Akkorog.

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I feel like she is only at 50% potential. Even on the beta thread I’m like… that’s it, this is all she gets? Imagine her getting 2 turns of taunt, she is immediately god tier status

I noticed that I have acquired the best heroes in my roster at the moment through their respective summon tokens: Mitsuko from my second Atlantis coin pull last September 2020, Malosi as a bonus draw from an Atlantis coin pull in April 2020, Master Lepus from an EHT the other day, Skadi from my first Valhalla coin pull last October 2020…

And today, Garjammal arrives in my roster via my first and only Underwild coin pull for this month. Finally, my Lianna gets a companion, as she has been my lone 5* green hero for a while.

Garjammal reminds me of Sheeva from Mortal Kombat. :laughing:


If I pull, would consider using in an attack team on the wing with Baldur on the other wing. Two self healing wings could make Zulag playable in the center.


I was also thinking about putting together a full survival team, just for fun. It would be her, Baldur, Tyr, Noor (need to be facing a minion tank so she self-minions) and one more to be decided (Elkanen is a possibility, but he is a bit behind the others)… literally all the ones who would qualify for a last man standing award

If she gets the passive of that damage reduction effect, she is really OP and it makes up for her lack of unique skills

Surprisingly pulled her moments after getting Fogg. He will get tonics first I guess and she will stay at 3/70 for a while.
She looks like a decent sniper but nothing else.

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This hero doesn’t seem too attractive to me. Attack stat is not even over 800 and doesn’t dispel.

Overall a more defensive hero, but nobody uses a single-target defense hero. Especially when there are Frigg, Kadileen, Zeline, and Kingston.

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Seshat would round that out nicely.

Garjammal hits harder than Kingston and has the self-HOT. I think Kingston’s attack debuff is a little better, but she’s still a pretty good sniper. The Underwood gem and ailment reduction skills are bonus gravy. I’d love to pull her anyways.

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Anyone has its special skill effect ?

You mean the animation? The chain mace swings around her then extends out to hit the target.

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Yeah bro because I’m big fan of the Animation of the heroes

You can see her animation at the 2:45 mark of this video


Thanks bro , that’s cool

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What about Leonidas?

seems to me like Leonidas and Garjammal here would be cool to try on wings, with, as someone was saying, Zulag as tank. :thinking:

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