Gargoyles passive is too strong for very fast mana

Gargoyles passive “Stone skin” brakes all balance in “Very fast” wars and tournaments. After it casts, it’s almost not possible to beat it, because it has stone skin and before you breake it with tiles, it cast again and again. This passive must be redused on fast wars/tournaments or generally decreased. If you have not enough tiles to kill or counter them with the silence in the begin of the battle you lose.


Take buff blockers and bypass heros.


This don’t help. Malosi don’t block and bypass don’t go through this (it’s not defence buff)

Well, the bypass actually passes through stoneskin. At least Sobek can do it. So I guess it can be pierced as well.

My advice? Take rush for what it is. Lotery. Best thing you can do to increase your chances in rush is to go to church on Sundays, say some prayers and light a candle and then cross your fingers for a good board. Doesn’t always work, though…


Have no this card. But when I use Tyr it did’t work. Anyway even bypassing don’t solve the problem.

This is not good solution. If the problem exists it should be solved.

And if Alfrike hits your cleanser just before some hit-all heavy weights, it’s also mostly game over… So from now on, please program Alfrike so that she never attacks the cleanser.
Oh, and while we are at it, please reduce revival chance with 50% in all rush events. And reduce the slow and very slow hitters their force, as these are blowing away my teams in rush.

Come on, learn to work with the meta as it is. I had Kalo and Mother North (both LB+20) in my def team and got one-shotted 6x this rush war! Can’t say the StoneSkin guarantees a win, it seems…

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This topic is not about Alfrike. There is another one near. And this is not meta, this is broken balance. By the way, Kalo spetial broke it in the much more way.

It’s strong, but it’s not unbeatable. Minions are the best way to counter stoneskin.


I was only pointing out that in Rush certain heroes just suck… You just have to modify your play for countering it. If you can’t live with that, then don’t join a rush war.

And indeed, minions are an excellent way to counter stoneskin. Each of their hits counts as a hit. Also Franz and other buff blockers (heck, even Sabina C works for this) are performing nicely here.

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That point were made in BETA before Stoneskin’s rework but for devs it were “as intended”.

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Tyr has a 60% chance to bypass…so if it didn’t when you used him then it was the other 40% that happened. Heroes like Sobek and Zagrog definitely bypass it since their chance is a 100%

The issue here is that you may need a fairly specific sort of counter to some abilities. In the case of Stoneskin, the easiest general counter probably really is minions (possibly also fiends?), though admittedly my roster is not exactly dripping with summoners… so my attack team choices rapidly become pretty constrained if I’m facing a gargoyle (especially with longer-duration Stoneskin).

(Plus I’m guessing it’s going to become — if it hasn’t already — very fashionable to pair defending Gargoyle heroes with Alucard.)

Buff blockers are a indeed a great solution if you’ve got them - for me, that’s only Joukahainen and Mist.

So it’s not that there are no counters, but some players might have a lot fewer choices than others or just have to chew through regardless.

But increasingly it feels like the answer to “how do I deal with newer hero X?” is “lotta brute force and/or luck,” or “of course you should be spending on newer heroes yourself,” or “just lose LOL.”

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Mana block or silence works well and are very accessible in 4* heroes

Helpfull, but please, don’t say “accessible”.

C Sabina works well against stone skin.
Minions help as well instead of wasting tiles.

Its definitely annoying to face them in rush wars and as mentioned before, luck plays a huge role in rush wars. war/tourney are designed to give some other unique taste of the game. so any heroes even the trashy one could become their full potential.

gargoyles stoneskin is just adding new taste to the game, just enjoy it during

wish u luck to get the gargoyles urself

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Mother North OTT

Mother North’s Special skill was too much for our Alliance to compete against in this recent ‘fast war’.

Our tiles/heroes were no match against her Relentless Healing & Reviving…

And there were a lot of opposition teams that had her…

Such Is Life…

Yep use a bypasser or some minions. Lots of way around stoneskin.