Gargoyle heros…

So we know they’re from an upcoming event and the most likely is that it’s one of the 2 new challenge events that will be needed.

But could they be for something else? I don’t think they fit the new global war portal but could they be part of the soul exchange portal? I could see the SE being styled as a gothic cathedral with all the gargoyles watching over the sanctum…

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Me neither,

The hero images at the windows what we saw in Beta for W3K are not seems to be match with the theme.

My best bet is still Season 5 or a challenge event, but we will see it once the others arrive to Beta.

Most likely no.
What we saw so far that is used to get older heroes, and the new once, but of course maybe in time, they will be available as an option.

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That’s very good guess.

  1. Yes, theme fits.
  2. SG was working on the W3K and Soul Exchange events recently, it’s likely to be the next stuff on their agenda after revamped Ninjas and Raven family, and not necessarily the new challenge events. So pretty likely the heroes related to those are in ready state.
  3. I don’t think these are S5 as they are missing some kind of family bonus. Yea, it’s not like it couldn’t be added, though it’s a significant part of card balance so it’s hard to imagine it being added out of sudden.

Yea, well, I don’t expect these new heroes to be possible to pull with old dupes. But new portal added alongside the soul exchange event, with new heroes to be pulled - that’s how they make money on every new feature recently.


Did they not imply that there would be a summon with heros for SE , like heros that are part of that event only or did I just totally misunderstand that.

They implied that for the War, for the SE not really… however, there’s a new face encouraging you to do the exchange (no, not a Gargoyle) who 99% will be a new hero.

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When I sort my heroes by origin, Penolite is placed directly before my Raven and Wolf heroes from the Clash of Knights event.

Maybe a third family gets added to that event?

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Spoiler alert !

Based on Beta in next Clash of Knights event. what we will have in January if you finish the event, then the last dialog can be interpeted as there will some new family of heroes added later to the event in the “next Clash”.


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