Gandalf vs Groot vs Malificent vs er... Dorian Gray?

Right kids, I got my first TWO 5* on the same day.

Just after being made a moderator.

Draw your own conclusions.

So I have a pleasant conundrum - what order to ascend them.

I have almost all the mats too.

What’s your advice?

Here’re my newest recruits:


Here’s the business end of my roster:

And here’s the loot:

My instinct would be finish Melendor, then Sartana hoping to get 4 more shields and a tonic on the way. Then Horgall, then Cyprian if no one else more interesting arrives.

I’m fully f2p so not likely to be flooded with more superstars but mats are trickling in regularly.

Thanks for your help!



I would do the same. Groot is a good mid tier tank, he isn’t worth the Mats. Sartana is a high class 5*. She will be a great asset when fully leveled.


I concur. Finish Gandalf, then Sartana, then Groot


If Melendor were not so far along, I would push him back. You have a green debuffer in Caedmon. Then there are Kiril and BT for healing as well as Rigard for healing and cleansing.

You have, all and all, a very nice 4* team. Now, step it up and get Sartana moving.


I would definitely finish Melendor and Sartana. Wait for a better green, I would ascend Lianna or maybe Kadilen but not Groot. Save hero tokens for halloween/crossover into November if you don’t like Aegir. Or save tokens all the way until December even.

Thank you. Yes, I have been fortunate to get a decent balance of colours, hitters and support.

A blue hitter is the only glaring gap.

Come to the dark side, Jonah.

Buy some gems


Thanks for the offer Bud Vader.

I’m achieving everything I want with the f2p model at the moment.

And I feel like SG gets it’s money’s worth from me in other ways :wink:


Thanks for sharing your team. This is proof that moderators are players too, just like me. My first reaction was “wow, I have a better team.” This also shows that the devs value input from the small guys too.

This is a little off topic and I thought I’d share (since it seems you got your answer already). I hope you don’t take this as rude as it’s not my intent. I think it shows the vast differences between the players and we should treat all with respect and not assume anything about anyone.

I feel like I’m on a soapbox now but rattling on. I will stop now.


Congratulations on your first 5* s

That’s it. Just congrats.

You like you know exactly what you’re doing.

PS - Sartana is amazing! Great first get.

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I thought I was the only one who calls Horghall Groot. :joy::rofl::smiley::smile:

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groot has taken me near a year to fully fill , my guess is , if sartana needs those tonic as well as groot u have a big problem & i would go sartana.
if sartana doesnt use tonic u will be fine on both

Sartana needa tabards and trap tools, so I’m fortunately well stocked :relaxed:

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then i would work on both using the colour bonuses

DBack in the old days, when the earth’s crust was still cooling, Horghall was considered a good tank. Now there are so many specialized attackers built to neuter Alberich that green tanks have gone the way of the entwives. Still, he’s your best tank by a fair margin, so I’d go with him after finishing Melendor.


I agree with @Kerridoc that Groot could be worth ascending. Us free and cheap to play peeps can’t be so picky on who to ascend lol. As my top defensive tank he at least helps keep me in Diamond overnight. And in a year of playing the only other 5* green Ive gotten in Elkanan…not losing sleep over that decision. Though my new guideline is if I have a 5* Im on the fence on, like right now I have Obekan…I just wait to see what happens first. I get 9 of whatever 4* AM I need for that color or a new 5* that’s better. Kinda split the difference between waiting for something better and getting the most of of what you have :slight_smile:

Oh and in every war or Titan where I get to attack with him, I hear “We are Groot” in my head which gives me the warm fuzzies…and that is priceless to me :heart:

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Sartana is life
Sartana is love
You will regret
Comments above.