Gaming the system?

I saw a lot of people complaining about the 1 hero method of defense in old war strategies, but it made more sense than last war values. Why should a newb with no leveling be worth half as many points as a 3000 player? The team is still valued at 2000, take out the top guys to earn points like you should.
Imo the removal of that option and subsequent over valueing of newbs has hurt the overall strategy of war.

I think you will find that most people were objecting to the teams that put 1 hero def up then fed that unlvld hero to their other hero’s.
Therefore resulting in nothing for the attacking team to hit. That is why we fought to get the minimum team of 5 set

I think it impacts the strategy. I don’t think it hurts the strategy.

I think the 1* defense method is poor sportsmanship. I think that’s why it’s discouraged.

I do understand the concerns of alliances with wildly disparate power levels. We have a pretty good range (2800-4150) and I am MUCH happier having all of our members experience and contribute to the war in full.

I didn’t know they could feed it off and empty a box, seems an easy fix, heroes locked into war defense are locked from being fed.
The real issue is the overvalued lvl 12 players.
I want everyone to participate in the wars, and enjoy them. At that level they don’t have 1 team worth much, couldn’t take a 2600 team with all 6 attacks, yet are valued at 40. That gives up 160 easy points per war while , in a perfect world, they might get 50 on a couple of clean ups.
If they scored well, that means someone else came up a bit short and didn’t score well, thus the 2 players combined might have barely covered that 160 point giveaway , leaving the opposing team to score much higher.

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