Games updates

I would like to advise you to enter a few chips in the game, namely :

  1. In-game mail, where players would be able to share food/iron maybe even gems
  2. Market characters in addition to appeals, but not so I drove the Persian and put it up for the price of 100,500, and with some sort of system control (power/stars, etc.). And the currency for such a market would be the food/iron/any moments or the same trophies, and if coins enter now to get them in the raids/quests/chests/the titans and of course gems with reasonable rates (and no donation :smirk::grinning:)
  3. I like many players would like to see in the search raids any filters on the power ( because personally, I sometimes spend 100-200 000 food in search of the enemy, which I could odalet)
    I would like additional content after completing all of the provinces if there awaits us the end of the game… so as not to lose the interest of the audience for the game
  1. There is no target search filters. Wasting ham to look up other targets is up to you (sometimes I do it on purpose). Good luck!

I agree, we have mail boxes but can’t communicate with others, if an Alliance members needs something we can’t help them.
These are issues that developers need to address, what’s the point of an alliance if you can’t help with materials ?