Games not worth playing as far as I can tell


I have been playing three months. Totally free to play havent spend a dime on game. I have one 5 star, one 4 star and the rest are 3 stars. Most has been about luck .

If you have a training camp at level 13 you will get 3 stars and a lot of 4 stars with a level 20 camp. Just takes time.

This game is really fun actually


Season 2 is harder than season 1. I think you are refering to the underwater levels when you are drowning. Try to avoid using a fire (red) hero. They have reduced abilities underwater.

Also, at some point every hero (2*, 3*, 4*) can no longer complete a level. This is where the slow grind comes into play. As you progress (although it might not feel that way) you’ll be able to beat levels that you are stuck on. When you are stuck, focus on war or titans. For example, one of my goals is to have 6 war teams capable of winning. I currently have 4 at my level of play, the last two teams are a bit of a hail mary.

I really do hope you arw having fun!


Money only takes one so far in this game. At least this is my experience so far.

I started this game Oct 27 (date shown in iTunes Store as the official download date).

I have a roster of 167 heroes, 54 five 5* heroes among them. I let myself get suckered into the thrill of the gamble for “cool” heroes. Totally disregarding the most important aspect that makes them worthwhile, which is the mats/ascension items.

So while my bench is deep, 9/10 of it is worthless until I can obtain the mats. I paid for quality heroes, but make no mistake. In my short time of playing, I’ve acquired many tokens that gave me the chance at these quality heroes (and troops) and to date, these tokens have given me 6 five :star: heroes (mostly Hotm). It’s still chance.

Anyway, my point is. If you want to be free to play, you have to have patience. If you are pay to play, you still need patience. It kills me to have so many heroes at 3/70 waiting for a tome or whatever miscellaneous items (mainly tomes).

I have a daily mantra that I have to repeat on the daily. I’m still new, I’m still new. Despite getting an elemental chest every 4-7 days, opening diamond chests daily, mystic vision, monster chests, tier XIII titan chests almost daily, I have to tell myself it will come. Money can’t rush it, even if I could buy it. It’s only one of six ascension mats at a time. Patience.


Yes you are right in the under water. I will try swapping him see what happens


I just getting my training camp to level 13 hopefully by end of day try for that Epic


Yes I guess my wording at the beginning of this could have been different it is so frustrating when you’re stuck in a wheelchair and can’t go any place


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Dont be discouraged if your first 5…10…15…heros arent epic heros.


My German is weak to read ur post


there’s that ridiculous complaint topic… shouldbe move… i dont understand why people feed this kind of topics…


Worry not about that… Most of us got stuck at some point… then, one day, we got strong enough to break through and just moved forward… good news is that as soon as you’ll be able to beat 21/2, you’ll probably have no trouble reaching 23/11… here you might also get stuck for a while, but as @NPNKY said,


I have been playing for a while now and I love the game. It is not one that is a quick win. If that is what you are looking for, this game is not for you. It is a daily grinding and LOTS of patience. Whether you P2P or F2P it requires that darn word -patience. Notice I keep saying that word? Well, its because it’s true. Anyways, I love this game and will continue to keep playing.


Thank you i try any way get pass that stage


As a new player… get a bench of 12 or so max 3 stars, then get 10-15 max 4 stars. If you happen to get a 5 along the way, great, if not, that’s ok too. The game is going to get old very quickly if you pay for several 5 stars right away and have to wait and wait and wait at every ascension level. You won’t be able to quest, do events, do challenges… thus wont be able to maximize your ascension items.


Lol thanks for the heads up


Ok is there a end at sum point anyone else get there :slight_smile:


This game does not have an end. There are always new heroes added and different quests and challenges to complete. There is also the ongoing wars and titans.


Ok . I guess I’ll have to try to slow down and level up a lot like everyone is telling me.


First…thanks for your service. My Dad’s a disabled Vietnam vet so I understand the sacrifice.

I’ve been playing since September ‘18. My first 5* was at the end of last month from a blue elemental summons - I pulled Onatel on a single gem pull with Karil.

4* trickle in…one here, one there. But at C2P (I have VIP and only spring for really cheap gem deals) I have a full rainbow 4* team and the starts of a second. Rest is all leveled 3* and I routinely score at the top of our Alliance Wars. Level 32 here. I’m short materials for my 4 and 5*’s so only 4 are fully ascended.

As everyone mentioned this is a slow grind.

Will you ever run with the big dogs if you don’t spend? Probably not. Will you have just as much fun without spending a fortune? Yep!

Get in a good alliance that will help you grow.

Hit me up in Line if you want to chat. My ID is tygrant.


This game is not my first rodeo on an F2P games, I’ve come and go to and from many others.

I admit, I usually give these kind of games $2-3 after about a week of playing, because if I can get through a week that means I like the game and I feel the need to reward the developer.

If the games are to my liking after a month, then I can drop $2-4 monthly, which I have done with this game. Are they trying to entice you to pay? Yeah of course! It is a business afterall.

But even after paying my expectations were to make teams of 3*, of course I got a couple of 4* and only one 5* after playing for 3 months now.

So, here’s my take on F2P games, just learn the game mechanics, learn what is the minimum you can get from gambling (yes buying chests in these kind of games are a form of gambling), and decide if you can get through with the minimum prize of the gamble.

I’ve played so much of these kinds of games to get the feel of which is fair and which is not. Empires and Puzzles is fair, they have their traps on packages that are definitely not worth the gems, but if you read the details on such packages (which the game provide) you’ll learn to avoid certain packages.

All in all, if you don’t feel this game is for you, you can always look others in the playstore as there are plenty of games to choose from.